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Jump to new posts Re: NSW Day to Day Weather - 2019 by Snowmaker @ 17 minutes 42 seconds ago

Very windy here up in the Southern Highlands. Hard to see this wind dying down for places to reach their cold progged temps tomorrow morning. ie. Orange : 1 , Perisher: -8!! If this front comes off next week, especially going off Access' scenario, i
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Jump to new posts Re: Climate Driver Discussion 2019 (Enso, IOD, PDO ,SAM etc) by Petros @ 47 minutes 54 seconds ago

Yep Mike, will be interesting to see if the Aus tropics spring to life for a last hurrah around this time next week. With the fresh trades over Nino1.2-Nino.3 of late, and the deletion of the warm subsurface anomaly underway, I reckon SST at Nino1.2
Tropical and Central Australia
Jump to new posts Re: Central Queensland Wet Season - April 2019 by bundybear @ Today at 12:19

Originally Posted By: mysteriousbradGreat news bundybear! It certainly is. Hubby got home a couple of hours after I had posted and we had had another 15ml. Our top dam has risen by about a foot and the bottom dam by 2 or maybe 3 foot. Looks li
Jump to new posts Re: SEQLD / NENSW Day to Day Weather - 2019 by Snapper22lb @ Today at 11:59

Driving to Gladstone this afternoon - might slide some new wiper blades on! Absolutely amazing turnaround in the weather on the coast - one day it just started raining, reminds me of 2010-2011.
South Australia
My rainfall figures for year to date : Home : 25.1 mm ~ 5.7% of average annual rainfall (based on Adelaide Airport average annual rainfall) Ponde : 9.8 mm (not sure what Mannum's long term average rainfall is, perhaps Lennie has an answer?)
And GFS talking it up big time here with 108mm total over next 192hrs (8days) -,rainAccu,2019-05-01-00,-38.404,146.915,8
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Why mention lightning? Well if RB theory turns out to be correct than the more cosmic bombardment the more lightning in the atmosphere. The more lightning, the more changes in atmospheric chemistry. The more changes in atmospheric chemistry, the grea
Jump to new posts Re: Autumn has arrived in NSW by Steve777 @ Yesterday at 23:13

After a cooler start, the change of season seems to have gone into reverse in the last little while. Deciduous trees are still keeping to their timetable, however. Here's Little Digger Park in Roseville. It has a nice collection of Autumn trees at
Tropical and Central Australia
Originally Posted By: amphetamarineDo the Dingos on Fraser island originate there or are they just human hunting dogs? Quote:The Fraser Island dingoes are reputedly some of the last remaining pure dingoes in Eastern Australia and to prevent cross-br
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Jump to new posts Re: Earthquakes by perrywinkle @ Yesterday at 18:25

Bass Strait tremor again. Over the 'hot spot'.
Tropical and Central Australia
326 mm over Easter to Anzac day. Main causeway still at 400mm 4WD access only at this time.
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Jump to new posts Re: Non Weather Related News on WZ Homepage by jim @ Yesterday at 11:20

Hi, Not only all of the above but there is this: Hobart news: Anzac brothers honoured, Labor considers no-confidence motion in Ferguson By James Dunlevie, Thursday April 25, 2019 - 07:49 EST This is the Tasmania Now daily blog, bringing you updates
Jump to new posts Re: Indian Monsoon by wet sky @ 24/04/2019 20:55

Anyone know if there are any daily obs available for that place?
Jump to new posts Re: Melbourne & Victoria day to day weather by samboz @ 24/04/2019 07:52

Light rain in Sale, barely 0.5mm, after 2.2mm for the month so far and 18.8mm in March anything is OK.
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Jump to new posts Re: Giant High Pressure Systems by Funkyseefunkydo @ 23/04/2019 21:16

I expect the same blocking highs with cut off lows in between and constant SW winds on nsw coast.
Jump to new posts Re: What's happening in Tassie? by MOUNTAIN h2o @ 23/04/2019 17:17

Very warm Easter and another 20 c mark today another tomorrow. Currently running at 20.2c monthly average. Turning into the driest warmest boring poo hole and just gets worse by the week. Give this another 5 years and most of Victoria and Tasmania e
South Australia
Jump to new posts Re: Lake Eyre Incoming by betsuin @ 22/04/2019 22:04

22 April '19 Image indicates water penetration across a large extent. Not sure how deep but those #1 flood waters seemed to have wet a fair bit of the place.
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Jump to new posts Re: NRL Season 2019 by hickory @ 22/04/2019 20:15

Quote:"It gives us the ability to control the moisture level in the profile through a heavy deluge, but it also gives us the ability to push air through the profile as well," Bankwest Stadium head curator Graeme Logan said. "It almost works like a r
Jump to new posts Re: Mena, Arkansas Weather by Wet Snow @ 22/04/2019 10:21

Hello Friends: Here's previous weeks' weather in Mena, Arkansas: DATE.......HIGH........LOW........RAIN Apr..14..62F/16.6C..38F/3.3C...0.35"/8.8mm .......15..75F/23.8C..41F/5.0C...--- .......16..73F/22.7C..56F/13.3C..--- .......17..66F/18.8C..60F/15
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Jump to new posts Re: AFL Season 2019 by Seina @ 21/04/2019 19:33

As of today, looking at the AFL ladder, not a single AFL team has zero wins.
Southern Western Australia
Jump to new posts Re: Perth and WA day to day weather by Vinnie @ 21/04/2019 08:13

Do below average Indian Ocean temps cause below average months of weather or is it not related?
Alpine & Snow
Jump to new posts Re: 2019 Australian Snow Season by Knot @ 21/04/2019 06:46

Crazy continent. An unprecedented low Max for April in WA and eastwards SA late April heat records taken out and still further east above average temps blandsville.
Jump to new posts Re: NSW rainfall shortage from May 2018 by Surly Bond @ 20/04/2019 14:10

Use of groundwater in drought - II I found an interesting relevant CSIRO report covering this topic, specifically about my area: "Water Availability in the Namoi"
Jump to new posts Re: 2018/19 Fire Season Update and Discussion by chasers addict @ 20/04/2019 11:13

Camping fires still have to banned into Winter as no rain almost 3 months. Very dry no winter grass yet. The Indian heat and High pressure is very aggressiveness next week keep dry warm.
General Weather
Jump to new posts Re: Time for a new weather station by ColdFront @ 19/04/2019 18:00

Originally Posted By: MegaOriginally Posted By: hickoryOriginally Posted By: ColdFrontMy Davis is 12 years old. It still has all features functioning and has been through two cyclones, 3 degrees and prolonged heatwaves. You get what you pay for. W
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