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Originally Posted By: KinoGood point, it sure looks like dust being sucked in from inland with this dry hot airmass? In Singo, we are used to dust. But ours is usually black.
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Jump to new posts Re: Climate Driver Discussion 2017 (Enso, IOD, PDO ,SAM etc) by Mike Hauber @ 18 minutes 9 seconds ago

Anyway I had come to this thread to post this interesting image in regards to the issue of enhanced high pressure near Australia and Mega's question about what may be causing it, but allowed myself to be sidetracked... Typical pressure pattern in
Jump to new posts Re: SEQLD / NENSW Day to Day Weather - 2017 by Nature's Fury @ 26 minutes 21 seconds ago

Hope you all enjoyed the storms today. No rain in sight for the next 2 weeks.
South Australia
Jump to new posts Re: South Australian and Adelaide day to day forecasting by teckert @ 39 minutes 7 seconds ago

Going by GFS I'd say our chances were between about 9pm and midnight. Going by EC I'd say more likely 3am-6am.
Originally Posted By: Nature's FuryReally bizarre. According to the radar we're under the black west of Brisbane but there's only a few drops of rain and light wind. Spoke too soon. Good dump of rain and some pea-sized hail. There would have been s
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Jump to new posts Re: Top End NT Dry Season - 2017 by tropicbreeze @ Today at 15:16

"Specks" have been showing up all over the place on radar the past few days, most significant mainly around the Tiwis. Yesterday they said on the radio it was raining here. When I went outside there was the edge of a large dark cloud overhead and I c
Incredibly dry here today, 25 at Moss Vale with 12% humidity. But down to single digits in the west of the state like 4-5% humidity in some places. So amazingly dry airmass.
Weather Photography
Jump to new posts Re: Spring Weather Images 2017 by EddyG @ Today at 13:35

Thanks Ron & JP, I think you might be right Jason P!! Here is a pic from the Singing Bridge looking south-east, Myall river sandbanks. Clear days and the lack of rainfall has made for some nice water clarity. IMG_6233 by Eddy Groot, on Flickr
Non-weather Photography
Jump to new posts Re: Nature Photography (((o))) by EddyG @ Today at 13:30

A dolphin playing with its food!! IMG_6234 by Eddy Groot, on Flickr
Jump to new posts Re: Crocs by scott12 @ Today at 11:29

I cant open that link Ron.. Here's a non subscriber link.. What a shame to kill that old dinosaur...I wonder if he had been a resident there for long or had moved from somewhere more remot
Southern Western Australia
Jump to new posts Re: Perth and WA day to day weather by desieboy @ Today at 11:18

Front bringing more rain to the south west and lower west and adjacent areas. Farmers need the rain now to finish off their crops.
Jump to new posts Re: NSW / ACT - Possible future events by DerekHV @ Today at 10:56

Originally Posted By: Rob GWow! Meteye predicts temperatures to reach 40 around far north coast this Sunday - between Yamba and Evans Head. Evans Head definitely has a shot, as it also has the highest August temp for the coastal strip. Yamba unl
Jump to new posts Re: 2017 NH Hurricane / Typhoon Season by ozone doug @ Today at 10:42

Well looks like the two storms are off to England at the end of model runs.
General Science
Jump to new posts Re: Earthquakes by Kino @ Today at 07:49

This is interesting .....
General Science
Jump to new posts Re: General Notes on Psychology! by Seira @ Yesterday at 22:13

Laughter...need more of it ... everywhere!
My observations for the past few days: Monday September 18th 2017 Low: 11.6C High: 20.7C Rain: 0mm Tuesday September 19th 2017 Low: 7.8C High: 16.8C Rain: Trace Wednesday September 20th 2017 Low: 5.4C High: 21.0C Rain: Trace Thursday Septem
Tropical and Central Australia
Jump to new posts Re: Central Queensland Dry Season - 2017 by Vinnie @ Yesterday at 19:54

Yeah nice and cool down here but the humidity is there, a little bit this morning before the breeze builds up and moves the air around. Not as bad as Jan-March .. If it's this hot now wonder what it's gonna be like in Nov-March. Hotter? 38 in yepo
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Jump to new posts Re: NRL Season 2017 by scott12 @ Yesterday at 19:13

I really hope so too Dean...they should have beat them last time they played....but even if they go down, things are looking very bright for next year.. How good would it be for an all QLD grand final again..
Alpine & Snow
Jump to new posts Re: 2017 Australian Snow Season by Homer @ Yesterday at 18:52

240.9 cm's the latest reading. I'm guessing this will be the peak for the season. Absolutely brilliant late season.
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Jump to new posts Hi, everyone! by KomonStan @ Yesterday at 18:41

Newbie here. I'm glad to have found this great online weather community. I'm hoping to learn more from the other members here. Cheers!
Tropical and Central Australia
Originally Posted By: scott12 At least it looks like great boating weather for the entire rest of the school hols.. That is the BEST boating news in a VERY long time - woo hoo
Tropical and Central Australia
Looks like it's going to be quite a dry fortnight coming up, obviously not unexpected at this time of year. Really looking forward to seeing what this storm season brings, given the developing ENSO conditions at the moment (ie, leaning towards La Ni
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Jump to new posts Re: Jet Stream Question by retired weather man @ Yesterday at 08:06

Same as Eastern Qld.
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Jump to new posts Re: A-League Tipping Comp 2017-18 by teckert @ 20/09/2017 21:42

gonna say that I won
Jump to new posts Re: What's happening in Tassie? by DaveM @ 20/09/2017 10:10

Enjoy the partly cloudy & light winds bit
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