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The cool change moved in around 20 minutes ago. We had a very late temperature spike beforehand, peaking at 28.6C at 11:18pm! Still around 24C atm, so the change is fairly weak.
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Originally Posted By: SBTModels produce possible scenarios, not what will happen, but what could happen. And this is the trap people fall into, they think what a model says this will happen and take it as gospel that a certain number of mms will fal
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Immigrants don't pay for power.......what are you smoking Rob G ????????????????
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Originally Posted By: Squeako_88Maybe you made a mistake Nature's Fury and looked at Brisbane Airport Temperatues. It reached 30.3C in Brisbane CBD today so the streak continues. Ugh fell for that old Brisbane observations doesn't show the actua
Tropical and Central Australia
Wowsers 28 Reports of water spouts yesterday too. Seems to be a bit above avergae wet here DU
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asf - I contacted both CFA & BOM a last November, asked why the BOM didn't include days of TFB on their site. The reply from the BOM was along these lines - .........."Although rare, there may be times when one of these products is issued and not t
Jump to new posts Re: NSW/ACT day to day weather by Knot @ Yesterday at 21:19

Toasty again today and the weather is about as exciting as watching golf
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Ok, rstewart84, probably worthy for a different thread but there is still all this warming in the northern pacific affecting our climate that has its origins, nobody seems to know. Fukushima happened nearly 6 years ago & now we are having intense nor
Jump to new posts Re: What's happening in Tassie? by MOUNTAIN h2o @ Yesterday at 19:37

A click over 28c today , certainly going to be a warm night . Tomorrow looking like 26c with Saturday 19c looking like the coolest day for some days. Really warming up with 4 days of nothing but heat so far next week , what a crap start to March and
Originally Posted By: Wave RiderNice pic Eddy and good to see you back. You still going to be in the Port Stephens area? Still on the North shore, even though I had to move south by all of 400 metres as the crow flies!!
South Australia
Very warm and windy here at the moment in Kalangadoo we have passed the forecast temp of 30 degrees currently sitting at 32.8 with a relative humidity of 10% the winds at between 15 and 20 km/h with occasional gusts at ground level of up to 30 km/h a
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Jump to new posts Re: Earthquakes by duckweather @ 21/02/2017 23:12

Hi all. Yes tsunami. He is pretty good at analyzing his data and coming up with some interesting predictions. Did anyone else feel a strange 'movement' in the Knox area about 20 minutes ago? I was slobbing on the couch and there was a vibration whi
Jump to new posts Re: Melbourne & Victoria day to day weather by aussiestormfreak @ 21/02/2017 21:49

Forgot to mention that there was a light mist through the gum trees here in Belgrave, looked so beautiful as the sun was coming up around 7:45am while on the bus to the train station on my way to the City! A sight I normally only see in late-autumn
General Weather
Jump to new posts Re: Streamflow Observation by -Cosmic- (naz) @ 21/02/2017 21:38

Bureau: As of 19th, 9 am, to 20th, 9 am, or later (2-3 days) McArthur River Borroloola (514700, NT): 216 mm (24 hours) to 9 am (19th). 90 mm to 9 am (20th). 34 mm since 9 am, 20th (6.7 hours). 340 mm total (54.7 hours). Minor Flood Level Exceeded (3
Tropical Lows and Cyclones
Originally Posted By: Mega How does that work. It was only last year that places in NW QLD were in flood during the late winter, but they're still in drought? Are the townships out there seriously still declaring drought conditions? What am I missing
Jump to new posts Re: Mena, Arkansas Weather by Homer @ 21/02/2017 17:23

Happy birthday for the other day WS.
Weather Photography
Jump to new posts Re: Digital V Film...Which is better? by desieboy @ 21/02/2017 16:18

"Getting darkroom workers away from toxic chemicals. " This is the biggest plus for me . Would happily compromise with quality and pixel density etc just to have less exposure to harmful chemicals any day!
Weatherzone Q and A
Jump to new posts My weatherzone pro subscription? by explorer @ 21/02/2017 14:45

Could admin please confirm and check that the weatherzone pro subscription I am automatically paying for is applied to this user? I have got an automatic renewal mail that only quotes a number ... a bit confused ... also, but are the benefits of be
Tropical and Central Australia
Probably won't happen and will disappear on the next update but GFS has rain for the Cap Coast on Tues/Wed next week with Rocky and Yeppoon on a max of 25 deg.
Tropical Lows and Cyclones
There's been massive dry air intrusion on the western side of the system. Yesterday RH dropped close to 30% at the 10 metre level in several places, higher it's lower. Dry air intrusion was also a killer last wet season. Consensus seems to be that e
17mm for the event here. 31mm for the month. Patchy showers at best forecast for the next week. If 31mm is all we're getting - and apparently Brisbane is doing quite well compared to other parts - this is really depressing.
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Jump to new posts Re: Royal Commission Catholic Church by Arnoldnut @ 20/02/2017 23:17

down to the last weeks Royal Commission into the catholic church's handling of their paedophile problem and seems all they can talk about this last week is Canon Law and the part it play. You can watch it tomorrow on this tag .. http://www.childabu
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Overall it looks like the forecasts for the month so far have been inaccurate. So is the March forecast a different theory used ?
Alpine & Snow
Jump to new posts Re: 2017 Australian Snow Season by WarrenTheSnowMan @ 20/02/2017 22:50

Such early snow though... If the past is anything to go on early snow usually means a pretty poor snow season.
Southern Western Australia
Jump to new posts Re: Perth and WA day to day weather by desieboy @ 20/02/2017 13:29

Trough and associated cold front not making the forecast for the South West very summery tomorrow. Summary Min 16 Max 22 Morning shower.Possible rainfall: 0 to 1 mm Chance of any rain: 60% Perth area forecast Partly cloudy. Medium (50%) chance
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