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I had a heavy but brief shower from the cell that was west of me earlier,2-1/2mms recorded.A heavier cell moved north,west of Cessnock.
Originally Posted By: crikeyI love those meteorological urban dictionary phrases. Going to have to start a new thread about them one day 'Rain train.'. Under a persistent stream of rain passing through 'media' ..Over inflated cyclones. 'JB' Enjo
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Jump to new posts Re: If there was no great dividing range?? by niinjaniin @ 25 minutes 34 seconds ago
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Originally Posted By: PacmanOriginally Posted By: WANDJINA G'valeOriginally Posted By: drivenunderRellies from Sydney arrive on Wednesday... they are here for 11 days (11 ***ing days... too long) anyways... and they are big people, so they will reall
Jump to new posts Re: SEQLD / NENSW Day to Day Weather - 2018 by Belgarad @ Today at 14:24

Later this week is looking interesting for SE QLD. Saturday especially let's hope it continues to look this good each run.
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Thanks Coldfront... just found this as well.
gleno01, people were saying that safety barriers terrible idea when flooding vehicles cant do uturn or to high grounds and people think good idea stops vehicle wash away either side protected.
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Jump to new posts Re: 2018-19 summer season cycones by crikey @ Today at 13:31

Thank you sooo much madelf' for your welcome. Hope you have a great Christmas period enjoying the aspects of the weather and forum you personally like ---- An update from ACCESS R on cyclogenesis None at the moment.No tropical lows firmly coupled to
Jump to new posts Re: Mena, Arkansas Weather by Wet Snow @ Today at 12:06

Hello Folks: Here's previous weeks' weather in Mena, Arkansas: DATE.......HIGH.......LOW........RAIN Dec....9..42F/5.5C...30F/-1.1C..0.10"/2.5mm .......10..50F/10.0C..23F/-5.0C..--- .......11..56F/13.3C..26F/-3.3C..--- .......12..54F/12.2C..45F/7.2C
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This month for day time temps is averaging cooler than last month for Yeppoon and for Rocky.
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Originally Posted By: battyA land slip on Eungella range has closed the road FYI stay tuned for further updates!!! Still closed at this further details currently
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Jump to new posts Re: QLD Tropical Cyclone Season 2018/2019 by ColdFront @ Today at 10:06

Just for the archives of this thread I'd like to share what GFS was forecasting a week ago for 4.00 pm today with the remains of TC Owen and what actually likley at 4.00pm today. It cops a bagging sometimes ,and sometimes rightly so but it also offer
Jump to new posts Re: 2018 Xmas Day and New Years Eve forecast by DDstorm @ Today at 10:04

You've gotta be "In the Spirit" if you know what I mean, cheers DD
Zero cloud this morning here. Seems marginal for storms, but there is still a chance. I wont have any expectations as I think it will all be north. Missed out on the colossus rain that hit lake macquarie yesterday. That would have been an excelle
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TS, there are certainly differences between what the atmosphere looks like now and what it looks like in a classic east based el nino. However: 1)Do you think that the warming of the water near the dateline has been caused by the persistent wester
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Originally Posted By: FlowinI don't approach this as a debate on the topic, rather my approach is about sharing observations, with an open mind to others observations and comments. I agree with sharing observations, in that because they are factual,
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Originally Posted By: SBTLast reading I got via twitter (Its an automatic tweet) was dam capacity as at 0300hrs was 64.9% so no according to that report the dam isn't about to over flow. See
Jump to new posts Re: What's happening in Tassie? by yep @ Yesterday at 18:44

27mm all up ( half the December average ). Wettest day since the May flood and second wettest of the year.
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Jump to new posts Re: NT/GOC Tropical Cyclone Season 2018/2019 by Mathew @ Yesterday at 15:48

The Tropical Monsoon is developing out to sea at the moment need to be watch over the coming few days. A bit of an new weak low.
South Australia
Nice localised heavy falls around the last two days up here, missed them all at home but went for a short drive yesty and saw a few funnels amd cool skies under the widespread convection. Another 4mm of drizzle, of which is still falling very lightl
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Jump to new posts Re: Snake Spotting by desieboy @ 15/12/2018 17:12

Yes happened to some friends of mine who lived out of town on a property near a creek .They bought some spatchcocks within two weeks they all had been eaten by a big 3 metre black headed python. The last one he ate took him a long time to digest
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Jump to new posts Re: Streamflow Observation by Seina @ 15/12/2018 16:17

Falls along the Fleurieu Peninsula ranged from 4 to 42 mm, between the 13th and 15th, 9 am. The impact on run-off was minimal, yet large puddles were noticeable in places.
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Jump to new posts Re: Summer weather images 2018 by Wild Wassa @ 15/12/2018 13:44

Summer days plus water, describes Summer in Oz, perfectly. There are some beautiful images above. Summer in December '18 is just over two weeks old and in my neck-of-the-bush it has been totally crazy. The first few days were sweltering and very dus
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Currently the forecast for Fitzroy Crossing on the 20th is 49.
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Jump to new posts Re: Royal Commission Catholic Church by Cheers @ 15/12/2018 00:39

As most of you probably know that there has been a big court case recently and a guilty verdict in Australia that the Australian media has a suppression order on it . Overseas media havenít got a suppression order so you can see it on google ! All I
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