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Tropical Lows and Cyclones
Found this nice flyover of Debbie from yesterday. Cyclone Debbie from the ISS (06:28Z, Mar 26)
South Australia
Jump to new posts Re: South Australian and Adelaide day to day forecasting by ThD Ht @ 16 minutes 14 seconds ago

got one big rumble at edwardstown and a brief 30second shower, came home to .3mm in the guage. wednesday still looking to be a bit better rainwise. TH
Tropical and Central Australia
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Originally Posted By: camtsvanyone got a live stream up and running down there? I was just about to ask the same question
Jump to new posts Re: Ex STC Debbie and potential follow on showers by Mad Elf #1.5 @ 24 minutes 15 seconds ago

Seems to me some quite awesome possible rainfall totals thrown around atm, some places already waterlogged, some dry, but any tropical low/ ex cyclone coming from that direction is bad news for SEQ. Some serious mayhem coming thurs, fri & sat looming
We're currently on 19mm for the month, Still a long way shy of the 50mm average
Tropical and Central Australia
Jump to new posts Re: Central Queensland Wet Season - March 2017 by Adele @ 32 minutes 9 seconds ago

Hi everyone, long time no see. I hope you don't get the massive rainfall. Stay safe. Just realised I changed my name, you will remember me as Delly D from Middlemount.
Jump to new posts Re: NSW/ACT day to day weather by Wave Rider @ 43 minutes 58 seconds ago

Yes spring was quite mild and normal, without any really hot days. Summer didn't really get hot until late December, where usually it happens a lot earlier. A wonderful day of weather here, reached about 29C at home. Even a bit hot in the mid aftern
Tropical and Central Australia
Woohoo. I get another day off tomorrow thanks to Debbie. Boats out to the island are cancelled. Companies will be very upset if those strong westerlies don't eventuate
Tropical and Central Australia
Jump to new posts Re: North Queensland Wet Season - Cardwell to Bowen - March 2017 by boganation @ 50 minutes 41 seconds ago

Tropical Lows and Cyclones
This the last track of TC Caleb who died off between 8pm last night and 8am this morning .There is no longer any deep convection around the system, with the low level centre exposed. He was a little fighter alright and will be sadly missed by all t
Tropical Lows and Cyclones
Jump to new posts Re: Technical - TC Debbie (91P) - Coral Sea March 2017 by MareebaWeather @ Today at 18:09

General Weather
Jump to new posts Slow Motion Lightning by seaweed @ Today at 17:39

This popped up in my twitter feed and I thought some of you might be interested. Super Slow Lightning Also on a lightning theme a car being hit whilst driving along. I was impress
Tropical Lows and Cyclones
Jump to new posts Re: WA Tropical Cyclone Season 2016/2017 by Weathergrrl @ Today at 17:23

Thanks Cori & Popeye! 😊 Karratha has just been issued a severe thunderstorm alert as a band of storms head west of Port Hedland towards us. Expected arrival in about and hour so looking forward to our mini weather event 👌🏽
Jump to new posts Re: What's happening in Tassie? by BrightonBreeze @ Today at 17:15

Not wrong there Dave, was very cyclonic for a bit, small amount of damage about..branches/trees down, although not as bad as what FNQ will get. Forgot to mention that someone.. ..didn't put enough screws in the cover for the fresh air fan on the sh
Weatherzone Q and A
Jump to new posts Re: Proof Reading Before Publishing by Seabreeze @ Today at 16:36

Most of the articles in Weather News are just an automatic feed of weather and/or climate-related news articles from the ABC (ABC articles are signed with ABC at the end, and Weatherzone-produced articles are signed with Weatherzone at the end). The
Tropical Lows and Cyclones
Jump to new posts A cyclone hit Townsville in the '50s. by Hanrahan @ Today at 14:47

It wasn't particularly damaging, I think it flattened a Burns Philp warehouse on Flinders St, West, a block still vacant, but not much else. I remember it because the eye passed directly over our house and us kids were out in the street playing in t
Tropical and Central Australia
Some good falls around yesterday from isolated TSs popping up around the place yesterday.Low and trough should still keep delivering for next couple of days anyway. Issued by the Bureau of Meteorology, Perth on Monday, 27 March 2017 for 24
Southern Western Australia
Jump to new posts Re: Perth and WA day to day weather by desieboy @ Today at 10:36

Lots of cold air around the South West today with the approaching ridge coming in from the West and a front to the south bringing some moist cold air as well.. Gingin 3.6 deg and Bunbury 4.8.
A warm run coming up for the next few days. 29's to 31 today till Wednesday. could be damp out here again Thursday (which won't worry most out here - nice follow up rain will be good. Then we finally get temps dropping off over the weekend
Tropical Lows and Cyclones
Well i will put my 2 bobs worth in & go for Ingham looking at her direction now & possibly as far north as Innisfail as a Cat 4.. there ya go from a west aussie. Maybe Debby might want to visit where Larry once was lol.
Jump to new posts Re: SEQLD / NENSW Day to Day Weather - 2017 by tsunami @ Yesterday at 23:33

Nice piccy well done
Tropical Lows and Cyclones
Jump to new posts Re: Your Cyclone Emergency Kit by Rainbose @ Yesterday at 23:05

Hi ozone doug ... how did the rocket stove build go? Did it meet your expectations? Have seen them on Youtube and wondered how effective/efficient they are.
General Science
Jump to new posts Re: Earthquakes by duckweather @ Yesterday at 22:14

Hi tsunami and all. I haven't seen hooperbeets forecasts for a while now. But 'we' [worldwide] have been fortunate not to have seen an M8 or M8+ in recent times. I think the energy causing the current and recent quakes has been coming in surges and
General Weather
Jump to new posts Re: MSLP anomaly by Seira @ Yesterday at 21:41

So long as one understands correlation does not necessarily indicate cause, I think one will be ok .
Very late in posting (apologies) - but I got a total of 21mm out of this event. Never had rain of any intensity but the drizzle was almost never-ending - so ended up with a very soaking 21mm.
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