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#1009873 - 04/09/2011 03:31 Why is HAARP such a dirty word?
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Why are people still so silly in thinking that the HAARP project is a mysterious and deniable operation, when atmospheric scientists, physicists, cosmologists, meteorologists and geologists, around the globe are all using the facility and the associated observation stations in the network, to study lightning discharge, storm formationss, auroral jetstreams,electron precipitation effects,seismic activity, and much more related to WEATHER, yet the powers that be on this forum cannot see that this is an exciting and important subject to discuss, in the WEATHER forum, and decide to close it down when a few people disagree with the suggested possibilites?

With over 100 views a day, it is obvious that many people have been interested in exploring this weather related topic..Questions have been asked over many months, regarding CONFUSING RADAR IMAGES many of which have been captured from the weather maps, and finally some sensible answers were filtering through, which were adding substance to the debate.
Just because there is not a lot of knowledge on a subject,by the general public, doesn't mean it is not a reality! Closing a thread does not mean that the questions have been answered conclusively. We, the public, have the right to know what is causing these images,as it is the tax payers dollars who provide the jobs,to allow these images to get created in the first place.
If questions are answered by the people who produced the questionable item in the first place, I think it is fair to say there may be some bias. Are we then not allowed to question the bias?
Are we actually permitted to ask any questions which certain people may not like, due to ignorance?
Is this forum , a democratic forum?

posted to all the mods;

BNE and other mods- please xplain this latest action? Why are you hellbound in closing these discussions , which are atracting 100's of views per day??? You actions are puzzling. We were appreciating zanthras's input,we were getting somehwere with being able to differentiate the anomolies, and then you close the thread?/ WHY WHY WHY? 5 naysayers does NOT constitute the entire weatherzone forum. The same 5 people who made negative comments , when you closed it down last time, did the same again, and you close it down? They have the right to their opinions, as everyone else has on the forum.Why are you so threatened by the mere mention of the HAARP word? It is a reality, and it needs to be discussed.It is 2011, and not 1990!

HAARP is NOT a dirty word!
go to, and tell me how many australian facilities you find there, and then tell me if you are still in denial that HAARP actually exists. -DIGISONDE AND IONOSONDE RECEIVERS-
_________________________ For those souls who want to know more then what you are allowed to talk about!!
climate change, cloud seeding information,and of course anything radar. cheers everyone!!!.

#1009875 - 04/09/2011 05:16 Re: Why is HAARP such a dirty word? [Re: Cliffhanger]
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The same will happen to this thread as well, this is a weather forum not a conspiracy forum. The 100 views you get is probably just people after a laugh.

#1009879 - 04/09/2011 06:46 Re: Why is HAARP such a dirty word? [Re: Tom1234]
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It's not so much the term 'HAARP' that is the problem, and if you were discussing this as a topic related to weather rsearch that might help to improve our knowledge of 'NATURAL' atmospheric events then I would imagine this thread would be left to it's own devices. However this is not the case. The only suggestions are that there is a worldwide conspiracy to use HAARP to destroy other countries by creating and directing a couple of dozen cat5 cyclones overthem(in a nutshell). As Richard said most of those coming on to the thread were doing so for a laugh not to seriously discuss the concept of HAARP. My guess is that you shot yourself in the foot when you first started hijacking other threads with a concerted HAARP attack instead of giving it it's own room in the first place. Wont matter to me now if this thread gets closed as this will be the only post I have in it.

#1009883 - 04/09/2011 07:55 Re: Why is HAARP such a dirty word? [Re: Brett Guy]
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Cliffhanger, you seem to have an ongoing problem in correctly spelling my quip.
It is zathras, and is clearly presented on every post of mine.
If you can't get that simple fact right, how much distortion is in the rest of your posts?

Likewise I have openly placed facts on the table yet you continute to go on and on about nothing other than explainable signals our radars intercept, and in fact you have just attempted to slyly diss my answers in your post above.
Likewise I will not be contributing further to this, no point arguing...

#1009885 - 04/09/2011 08:10 Re: Why is HAARP such a dirty word? [Re: zathras]
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I would suggest to anyone interested; and I suspect there are a number of you out there lurking (based on a very high number of views) that you save the text in those threads to be revisited at a later date. I would expect that based on the current actions of weatherzone the threads may just "disappear." at some point

There are many good links in there that the "kissers" didnt bother with.

This is where every similar debate starts, so in a few years when this is all just mainstream knowledge it will be great to dig them up and read the many posts of those who held fast to the dogma.

You have you heads so far in the sand your scrotums are getting funny really and I have enjoyed the ride.

time to start closing more threads Id say, the high court has spoken. What a farce.

#1009886 - 04/09/2011 08:21 Re: Why is HAARP such a dirty word? [Re: GringosRain]
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At 6am this morning, just like last Monday morning, there was already a number of contrails spreading over. Just what is up there before 6am causing this?
It's going to be a great storm season... somewhere else!

#1009893 - 04/09/2011 09:24 Re: Why is HAARP such a dirty word? [Re: Loopy Radar]
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the previous thread was closed because the topic had run its course. the thread was becoming repetitive.
and moderators do not take kindly to threads being reopened once they have been closed, your topic had been given plenty of leeway. end of story.
if the topic is again reopened you will find yourself banned.
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