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Just thought you might like to know that I have set up a Flickr account, with 80 pics already uploaded. Although it's been set up mainly as part of an assignment I'm doing at RMIT University between now and mid-July, I'll be using it on a permanent basis afterwards. Except for the very first photo (taken here in Melbourne), the remaining have been captured around Northeast Victoria and Southeast NSW (particularly Corryong and Merimbula) during the past summer and Easter break.

Here's the link to my photostream...


Over the coming years I'll be uploading thousands upon thousands more pics, backtracking to 2003, many weather-related, from locations including Melbourne, Northeast Victoria, Southeast NSW, Canberra, Sydney, Queensland, Tasmania, New Zealand, and Fiji.

Please note, all of my pics are copyright-protect, and cannot be used in the Weatherzone or the Weatherzone Flickr group without my permission. You will need to message me first before doing so, including a link to the specific pic(s) you wish to use.

Just in case you're interested, below are links to a few of the storm-related pics I took last summer:

January 3 2012 - Albury/Wodonga

January 11 2012 - Merimbula, NSW


January 18 2012 - Merimbula, NSW


January 19 2012 - Khancoban, NSW and Corryong, VIC




Hope you like my pics wink

Andrew (aussiestormfreak/aussie tornado) smile

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