Hi everyone,

There have been some complaints recently about the format of the tropical forum.

Both admin and moderators have been sent plenty of feedback over the past few months, more so in the past week.
As we have said before, we always appreciate your input into the forum. Obviously we can't always make everyone happy, and many rules are made inline with the rest of WZ and to keep the entire forum running smoothly.

So after we have decided to implement the following,

*The old rule of creating a new cyclone thread when a system is named is gone. From now on, a new thread can be created when a tropical low is officially given an 'idendification number' (eg TC01P).
We ask that all new threads be titled to look like this,
Tropical Low 01P - December 2012

If that specific low becomes a named Cyclone, then the same thread is kept and the mods will edit the title to look like this,
Tropical Cyclone Michael (01P) - December 2012

The specific date and AOR is no longer required in the title.
We hope this takes some pressure off the AOR threads.

*Again, in the event of a severe, highly populated crossing, threads may need to be split up as they have been in the past.

*Each AOR will retain its localised thread for the season. This will be used for a general basin discussion, outlooks, model forecasts, SST's etc etc.
We think its important to maintain the AOR threads seperately for the ease of finding information and the fact one side of the country can much busier (or quieter) than the other. We feel a nation wide thread could get too busy, too clogged and too confusing when there may be multiple developing systems occuring across the 3 basins.

*All systems outside of the Australian AOR's will remain in the World Forum.
We know this has been a thorn for some of you. But the World Forum is apart of WZ and its here to stay. The same threads will remain in place, eg West Indian Ocean, Central Pacific etc. But, again the same new rules as above apply once a system gains a numbered status.

For systems that modeling shows will move into the AOR, obviously leniency will be given. Take Cyclone Yasi for example, pretty clear it was going west despite being named in Fijian waters, so create the thread in the Aust Tropical Cyclone forum.
Moderators can also move threads from the World Forum to the TC forum if required.

Thank you,
Admin and Moderator team
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