Some archaic thingy about innocent until proven guilty, beyond reasonable doubt apparently CF, then again I think you know this!

If P wasn't the actual offender it would be hard to believe he didn't condone it by his actions or lack of action.

Any other organisation would have been shut down and disgraced after revelations such as these, haven't got any time for the while shebang to be honest!
Rain 2016 - 753.5mm.
J-173mm F-5mm M-66mm A-32.5mm M-24mm J-88mm J-143mm A-17.5mm S-89.5mm O-53.5mm Nov-61.5mm Dec - 26mm TOTAL 2016 - 779.5MM
Rain 2017. Jan-9.5mm Feb-23mm March-49mm April-40mm May-12mm June-12mm July-14.5mm to 0900 28th