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#1481482 - 18/12/2018 03:28 Re: If there was no great dividing range?? [Re: gleno71]
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Are we talking anomaly's or actual temperature records? It was hotter in the 1930's by a long way more than now..

#1481504 - 18/12/2018 14:30 Re: If there was no great dividing range?? [Re: gleno71]
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Anyway, would inland Australia get even drier or would it get wetter?

#1481506 - 18/12/2018 14:49 Re: If there was no great dividing range?? [Re: Noname]
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Originally Posted By: Noname
Good topic.

I studied geology and climate science as well my environmental disasters and sustainability degree. There was a hot topic in climate science subject was talking about if the GDR does not exist.

So, if the land is flat from the plains to the coast in this case with Snowy Mountains to its' south. Easternlies will dominate at seasonal influence. Moist winds should able to reach as far as inland bringing showers with it. I'm certain without GDR for moisty easternlies will make it wetter at seasonal influence. However, no topography to cause orographical uplift of thunderstorms. Should see lesser thunder days, and of course lesser severe storms or supercells in this influence.

Dry westernlies as winter seasonal influence, the east coast should be more drier than today. But this will bring better snow influence in the Snowy Mountains.

So here is an example of Sydney climate averages:

Note the difference in change of min and max temperatures, and the rainfall influence. Wetter and humid summers should occur by dominating easternlies and lack of southerly change influence which you require the need of the ranges to support this. Winters should be a lot drier and much a lot colder. Since lack of southerly influence, showery weather wouldn't be around at all, so the SWlies winds will dominate into Spring where days become a lot hotter than today and night remains cold. As the westernlies turns off before heading into summer, easterly winds should shift.

So I believe this would become more of Mediterrean type of climate.

Hmmm, I agree in part but disagree about the colder winters. I think we are confusing the continentality of northern continents in many of the speculations here, they are cold because the landmasses in the NH extend well into the high latitudes, allowing much more significant cooling to take place (as is the case with the Siberian high/anticyclone) than as occurs over the Southern Ocean.

I think the only real difference would be to the currently elevated areas (obviously), a touch more rain would make it into the inland and places below about 30 degrees would see an extra shower or two with the passage of a winter cold front (these systems need something above 1000/1500m to suck much out them, think of the amount of rainfall Melbourne typically gets out of a winter cold front.

Basically the GDR, unlike other major mountain ranges, plays little to no part in driving the dominant mechanisms that govern Australia's climate. Thus the only real difference would be to the areas that make up the GDR.

I too have always found it much more interesting to imagine the inverse, even 300m more (2C cooler) would see much more widespread winter snow.

My favourite hypothetical to stew on was if the Island of New Guinea lay to the South of us between 45 and 55S. What and incredible glacier draped spine the backbone of the island would become.

#1481533 - 18/12/2018 19:38 Re: If there was no great dividing range?? [Re: gleno71]
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BTW, I bumped this thread because I'm doing research for my tilted Earth where North America is gonna be close to where Australia is now. I wanna know if the result is just gonna be as dry as Australia. People outside of this site say that the Great Dividing Range is the reason why Australia is so dry, but people from this site beg to differ. BTW, this is how my tilted Earth is like:

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