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#1291999 - 16/12/2014 17:03 Re: Weatherzone refresh [Re: Seabreeze]
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Well as we are talking weather programs, Mike Manning had a great weather program that included a storm tracker. That is, you selected a radar site, indicate in the "app" where you were and then choose an approaching storm from the lighting tracker. The program would then, if the storms track was suitable (not to fast etc)would give an indication of when the storm might hit you. It was a really great part of his weather program Australian Weather Monitor (hey Mike whens the replacement coming smile )

#1292013 - 16/12/2014 18:56 Re: Weatherzone refresh [Re: Thunderstruck]
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Originally Posted By: Thunderstruck
I'm not sure about the new lightning tracker....bit dull on the eye.

TS cool

Save that, you no longer get polarity data... let the "'s not a positive" era reign supreme. mad

Formerly Lightning...Lee

Currently on hiatus while undergoing self appointed therapy for WZ related mental issues...

#1298946 - 12/01/2015 17:36 Re: Weatherzone refresh [Re: Matt Pearce]
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that's good post you shared.well done
Graduated from Soran University with First Class Degree with Honours in Computer Science.

#1306075 - 07/02/2015 10:23 Re: Weatherzone refresh [Re: Matt Pearce]
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Hi everyone. Yes the new look site is great and even I am having no trouble getting around the site. I do particularly like what apear to be slight larger labels and clearing links. I was never blessed with good eyesight so I appreciate sites that have good clear lables and buttons that are easy to read and find


#1322120 - 26/03/2015 13:36 Re: Weatherzone refresh [Re: Matt Pearce]
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Don't know whether this is the right place for site feedback, but here goes.

I've never had any troubles with the Weatherzone Forum on my computer, but have to say it's almost a nightmare on my phone.

I don't know whether it's my Sony Xperia Z that's the problem, or just a generalised mobile thing. My phone is up to date with all it's software.

When I open a thread I find that the posts are in different sized fonts to each other. Some a standard readable size, but others miniscule & an unreadable size. They have to be zoomed and scrolled back & forth across the page. Really tough going when there's a cyclone or 2 or 3 around and trying to keep track of busy threads.

Also - the Reply field has a miniscule font, which I have to zoom to read what I'm typing, it also jumps around a bit. Sometimes it's impossible to place a cursor; thankfully I have arrows on the keyboard.

Now that the cyclone rush appears to be over it's not a problem. Mainly though, I'm curious as to why it displays this way.

My two cents worth.

#1322139 - 26/03/2015 16:29 Re: Weatherzone refresh [Re: Matt Pearce]
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Same with me mate, I use a Samsung galaxy S4 and it can be annoying at times but it doesn't usually bother me too much. Your phone ain't the problem.

The longer you wait for storms, the more you appreciate them.

#1322147 - 26/03/2015 17:00 Re: Weatherzone refresh [Re: Matt Pearce]
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I was following 5 or 6 threads at one stage in the last few weeks - Marcia Pam Nathan Olwyn FNQ & incidentals.
Hard enough to shift around between them all on a 5" screen.
It doesn't happen on the two other forums I read on the phone.
Reading the notification emails is fine of course but I'd rather do it within the thread for quick replies.
Weatherzone is such a brilliant forum I just wonder why reading it on my mobile is such a total mess.

#1354373 - 22/12/2015 19:08 Re: Weatherzone refresh [Re: Matt Pearce]
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Love the global synoptic & Place zoom on the main map.

#1371356 - 24/03/2016 17:38 Re: Weatherzone refresh [Re: Matt Pearce]
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Some beefy winds due to the pressure gradient between the high and the low.
This post and any other post by Locke is NOT an official forecast & should not be used as such. It's just my opinion & may or may not be backed by sound meteorological data. For official information, refer to Australian Bureau of Meteorology products.

#1381241 - 04/07/2016 18:17 Re: Weatherzone refresh [Re: Matt Pearce]
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I love the izobars on your map on main page, thx.

#1429801 - 04/08/2017 20:19 Re: Weatherzone refresh [Re: Matt Pearce]
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Loving the new weatherzone.but Can't find my radar sites. The radar comes up as a state but I can't find the radar points. Eg I use Yarrawonga radar. Am I not looking in the right place. Love everything else with the new weatherzone

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