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#1355687 - 28/12/2015 14:12 Re: New feature - Weatherzone Layers [Re: Andrew Miskelly]
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Been playing with this for a couple of months now and surprised it has gone unnoticed by many. The location feature is next to useless though as it grabs your I.P. provider's address. I am not in Brisbane but that's where it tries to put me.

Looking forward to watching this feature develop.
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#1355915 - 29/12/2015 16:00 Re: New feature - Weatherzone Layers [Re: Andrew Miskelly]
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u running a vpn?

#1358488 - 13/01/2016 13:55 Re: New feature - Weatherzone Layers [Re: Andrew Miskelly]
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Any chance we could get roads added as a layer please?

#1404778 - 31/01/2017 22:59 Re: New feature - Weatherzone Layers [Re: Andrew Miskelly]
Andrew Miskelly Offline
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Yes, noted Tim. (Better late than never. blush )

A few other recent enhancements:

1. True colour visible satellite imagery is now available.

2. All four runs per day (00Z, 06Z, 12Z, 18Z) of GFS are now available, and out to +16 days.

3. There's a simple in-car/on-bike version, which is something folks can play with if so inclined. It's a bit of a test case - call it an alpha - and as such it's not currently linked from anywhere and there's no documentation.

To use it, you
* open on your smart phone or tablet
* allow it to use your GPS location
* save it to the home screen from the browser, so that it has an icon and opens in full-screen
* set the auto screen lock to something long, or disable it
* put your device in a holder while in the car etc., and plug it in

A bit of a fiddle at this stage, but it shows radar, lightning and temperature observations against your current position which can be mighty useful.

Should go without saying: if you use this in your car, a) you must mount your device such that you're not caused to look away from the road; and b) you will use a small amount of data.

#1404819 - 01/02/2017 10:16 Re: New feature - Weatherzone Layers [Re: Andrew Miskelly]
StormCapture Offline
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For a test it's really good
I tried in on chrome on my iPhone but didn't work so safari is the one to use.

This is a dream come true as we can see what we are exactly staring at on the radar and in real person when out in the field.

A suggestion with the OBS part can you see if we can change it from temp to rain, dew point and wind barb readings.

Other than that good job smile

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#1405610 - 06/02/2017 00:36 Re: New feature - Weatherzone Layers [Re: Andrew Miskelly]
Twister1 Offline
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Great feature

Love the true colour great add.

Great news re GFS getting all runs does that also occur on the models section or only on WZ layers.

Great work keep it up.
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#1427455 - 05/07/2017 13:04 Re: New feature - Weatherzone Layers [Re: Andrew Miskelly]
DanubeRS Offline
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Love the way layers works, and has some nice info in one place.

One issue I have been consistently having is loading of tiles. Seems as if when zoom level and loop length are set, the server is flogged with a boatload of tile requests at once, to which there is some sort of throttling or rate limiting server-side, leaving requests pending and eventually timing out.

Makes layers unusable at times when a large amount of information is requested.

Tested macOS 10.12 Chrome 59 & Safari 10.1.1 on 100/100

#1430958 - 17/08/2017 11:04 Re: New feature - Weatherzone Layers [Re: Andrew Miskelly]
jim Offline
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Hi there. Firstly, congratulations on the site overall and Layers in particular; the great work continues. Weatherzone has become an integral part of my daily routine for many years now. A while back somebody pointed out that clicking on "location" while using Layers was not showing his actual location. Has this been looked at? When using Layers I hit "location" and it shows me as being somewhere just north of Berwick Victoria. My actual location is at Eldorado in north east Victoria. While this is not a drama I just wondered if it was intended to be fixed?
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