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#1405671 - 06/02/2017 10:29 Re: SA - Tropical infeed rain band Feb 3-7 2017 [Re: StormCapture]
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Yeah hot weather on the way no doubt and was talking to a mate in loxton just before and he has had 24mm so far.
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#1405702 - 06/02/2017 13:01 Re: SA - Tropical infeed rain band Feb 3-7 2017 [Re: StormCapture]
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South battled again, 6mm to 9am yest 10mm to 9am today. 16mm all up. Nice but damn a 30-40mm whack would be nice!

It is BAKE TIME, coming real quick, 850 temps nudging 28C near Adelaide, translating to 42-43C at the sfc. I think 43C is possible for wed, def more than the 40C atm. Places like Whyalla, Port Augusta, Kyancutta a real shot at 47C. Similar thurs but poss less southern fetch.

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#1405714 - 06/02/2017 13:54 Re: SA - Tropical infeed rain band Feb 3-7 2017 [Re: Ryan Hothersall]
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Originally Posted By: Ryan Hothersall
Was wet last night at the airport when a diverted Emirates A380 came in.

I thought the A380s couldn't land here as the runway was too short - got that wrong I guess!

28mm in the gauge - happy with that :-)

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#1405767 - 06/02/2017 18:17 Re: SA - Tropical infeed rain band Feb 3-7 2017 [Re: teckert]
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Originally Posted By: teckert
yer not much left for the southerners now.

Tek if weather systems had personalities this one is a
certified fruitcake.
when you made that post there was 5mm in my guage, this
morning when i left for work there was 14.2 and it just
started raining again, when i got home there is now 19mm
exactly in the guage, plus the initial 1.8 takes me to a
total of 20.8mm

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#1405781 - 06/02/2017 18:50 Re: SA - Tropical infeed rain band Feb 3-7 2017 [Re: StormCapture]
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compared to the northerners mate... basically double-triple the sth burbs...

#1405811 - 06/02/2017 21:40 Re: SA - Tropical infeed rain band Feb 3-7 2017 [Re: StormCapture]
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Started off painfully slow but overnight the rainfall rate picked up (as we all know).
Ended up with 22.8 mm.... an unusual but nice little drink for february.
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Jan 44.1 mm
Feb 24.6 mm
Mar 1.8 mm
2017 YTD 70.5 mm
2016 571
2015 369.5
2014 460.5
2013 504
2012 417
2011 598.5
2010 553

#1406076 - 08/02/2017 09:44 Re: SA - Tropical infeed rain band Feb 3-7 2017 [Re: StormCapture]
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Just to keep the big bad wolf happy...

21mm system total smile
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#1406224 - 08/02/2017 19:00 Re: SA - Tropical infeed rain band Feb 3-7 2017 [Re: StormCapture]
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What I got from the Feb 3-7 system here in gulfview heights.

Feb 3: 0 mm
Feb 4: 2.6 mm
Feb 5: 8.6 mm
Feb 6: 20.6 mm
Feb 7: 0 mm

Total: 31.8 mm
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#1406228 - 08/02/2017 19:21 Re: SA - Tropical infeed rain band Feb 3-7 2017 [Re: StormCapture]
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33mm for me; this brings the summer rainfall total to 201.6mm

This is now 17.1mm higher than the highest historically calculated summer total set in 1940/41...these records go back to 1870/71.

I have had 8 full years of personal tallies; this season has been the third highest seasonal tally, only behind the winters of 2013 and 2016 - both 241.6.
2017: 113.8mm
2016: 680.0mm
2015: 392.8mm
2014: 450.4mm
2013: 470.6mm
2012: 426.8mm
2011: 518.2mm
2010: 549.4mm
2009: 459.2mm
Yearly Average: 460mm

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