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#1410822 - 05/03/2017 01:19 Cyclone formed off NSW?
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Hi all,

A few years ago (maybe 10) a low pressure system formed off the northern NSW coast. After it had been there for a few days, it was given Tropical Cyclone status. I remember one of the Weather Channel presenters (Rebecca Le Tourneau perhaps?) talking about what an amazing story it was to be a part of (the usual promotional thing). It would have happened in March. I think it reached Cat 2 but never crossed the coast.

I've studied all the cyclone tracks from the period but came up empty. Perhaps it got downgraded retrospectively?

Does anyone know the one I'm talking about?


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#1411041 - 06/03/2017 05:58 Re: Cyclone formed off NSW? [Re: DanielB]
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I don't ever remember a cyclone forming off NSW in recent years, only thing that comes close that I found was the March 2005 ECL:

#1411043 - 06/03/2017 07:34 Re: Cyclone formed off NSW? [Re: DanielB]
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Maybe they are talking about the March 2001 Hybrid Low? That crossed the Northern NSW Coast equivalent to a category 2 system.
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#1411055 - 06/03/2017 09:54 Re: Cyclone formed off NSW? [Re: DanielB]
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I think the last named cyclone to get close enough to the NSW coast to warrant cyclone warnings for the coast was Violet in March 1995, but that had come in as a cyclone from well to the north; it hadn't formed locally. Nancy (1990) was the last NSW landfall.

There was a change in definitions of a TC in 1978; before then, some systems which would be classified as subtropical these days were named.

#1412007 - 13/03/2017 13:51 Re: Cyclone formed off NSW? [Re: Squeako_88]
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That must have been it. Thanks.

#1412064 - 13/03/2017 18:52 Re: Cyclone formed off NSW? [Re: DanielB]
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Nancy and Violet were such teases for SE QLD/NE NSW.

#1413106 - 18/03/2017 11:31 Re: Cyclone formed off NSW? [Re: DanielB]
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Hi Daniel, I do remember a short but intense system that developed off SEQ - maybe it was NE NSW and drifted this way in early March 2006. Below is a copy of my very first post on Weatherzone Forums. I was bemoaning that such systems weren't named. This system I refer to may have been the one. Here is the link to the original thread

Dear Fellow Weather Nerds,

What's the deal with the arbitary distinction between a tropical cyclone and an 'east coast low'? Why is the latter named and the former anonymous? A storm is a storm is a storm!

Take the recent low that formed off the southeast coast of Queensland. Now if an identical storm had formed off the Florida Coast it would have been named and it would have been taken seriously. However, all we got was a 'severe weather warning', which is as effective as 'be careful out there it may be a little breezy!'. According to a forcaster I spoke to recently at the Bureau, these storms used to be named but it is now policy not to, unlike the NOAA in the US.

Why does the Bureau insist on focusing its classification of a cyclone on its formation and not on its effects? So what if it hasn't got 'tropical characteristics' -it still has storm force winds and can still kill!

The only way people will take these storms seriously, and be appropriately prepared, is if the Bureau names these storms and standard cyclone watch and warning protocols kick in. Otherwise, sooner or later your nameless storm is going to get a name for itself anyway.

P.S. The next tropical cyclone off the Queensland coast is to be named 'Larry'. Perhaps in fairness to the Bureau, who's going to take a name like Larry seriously anyway . . . :rolleyes:

Well, it is history now that Larry did indeed form and was taken very seriously in its aftermath. Apologies for my flippant remarks at the time.

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#1413564 - 20/03/2017 12:46 Re: Cyclone formed off NSW? [Re: DanielB]
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I think that case was the focus of a long thread on Weatherzone. I am terrible with dates, but can remember the classic ' If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck" line being used to describe it in regard to being a cyclone.
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#1413655 - 20/03/2017 17:14 Re: Cyclone formed off NSW? [Re: DanielB]
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there was a low bombed big time, albeit on a meso scale right off ballina feb 22 2013. the strip from ballina up to alstonville copped winds from 100k - 160k for a few hrs in that one. creeks had an almighty wash.


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