After my last station died, I've decided to stick with the generic Fine Offset stations and have purchased one of the newer WH2900 models. This was purchased from eBay under the branding "PanTech" (rebranding is very common for Foshk units).

Unboxing it I was surprised with the build quality compared to the previous unit - the station itself feels a lot more solid, and having a much slimmer profile helps. Unlike previous versions, the rain bucket comes with the lid removed, and is super easy to snap in/out, which will make cleaning a hell of a lot easier. It simply wasn't possible to open up the bucket in the HP1000.

Station sync'd with the display unit on first try, almost immediately started sending data. The display unit itself is very pretty, replacing the clunky buttons with some kind of touch sense buttons below the screen. It does, however, fall down when it comes to usability. The menu system from the HP1000 models is no longer there, and I can't help but feel like I'm missing some info when I can't cycle through different screens. Also immediately noticeable is the pathetic backlight - cycling from 'off' to 'full' I could barely see a difference, and the screen is almost unreadable if there is any kind of glare.

Calibration was easy, but the menu navigation means it took a lot more 'clicks' than necessary. They seem to have taken their design decisions from the car radio playbook.

I did have trouble getting the station connected to wifi - it refused to connect despite multiple attempts. Curiously, this started working when I switched my router to B/G mode instead of 'G only', but it's actually connected at G speeds. Maybe just needed a little kick to get it to see the SSID.

Wifi connection was all performed via a mobile app - so if you don't have an iPhone or Android device, you'll be up the creek without a paddle. The only purpose for the app is to configure wifi and enter in your Wunderground login info. That's a real letdown, as there is so much potential with the mobile app. Given the terrible UI on the display panel, it would make a lot more sense to perform calibration via the mobile app.

Now that the unit is connected to Wifi and Wunderground, it looks to be working well. It started off uploading at 1-min intervals, but now is serving data every 5 minutes. Not sure on the logic there, but will keep an eye on it to see if it increases frequency when figures are rapidly changing (like during a storm).
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