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#1433084 - 06/09/2017 23:10 Re: Earthquakes [Re: duckweather]
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Hi folks.

Idaho is still rocking along with tremors of varying magnitudes. Some scientists don't feel it is due to any rumblings from Yellowstone. The movements there may be primarily due to a faulting system. I agree with geologist from Idaho University that there is no guarantee that a larger tremor won't occur, but there is uncertainty as to which way the size of the future tremors may reach. The whole tremor scenario may slowly die out as the region settles, but it remains to be anyone's guess at the moment. I feel that this movement though may set off some other fault lines to it's NW or west or SW towards the coast or Oregon may also come up with a movement.
Yellowstone may come up with a tremor soon.
The Cascadia region may be niggled by the above tremors and the activity along the San Andreas movements.

The eastern side of the U.S. is sneaking in some tremors too. That region near the St. Lawrence waterways [Canada - U.S. border] I sometimes mention to watch is coming up with some niggles atm..

Hawaii is feeling tremors again [again seems to me to be marrying in with the U.S. tremors.

The Caribbean region has been coming up with tremors/quakes in rather quick succession recently. Haiti also came up with a decent tremor, which is one region I hope doesn't go on to feel another larger quake.

NZ is coming up with a few tremors currently. Vanuatu has just had an M4.7 and I feel we may see another run of M5's in the west Pacific in the short term. A location between Taiwan and eastern Indonesia/PNG may come up with an M5 or M5+.
Japan may have a run of M4+'s.

From Myanmar through to Afghanistan [including the Himalayas] - a region may come up with an M5+.

The Mediterranean [somewhere] - possibly from a central location to the east - may come up with an M6.

Somewhere around Spain or Gibraltar there may be an M4.

In the next week, Italy may come up with an M4'ish.

Australia is in a mini lull currently, but another round of small tremors here and there may show up, particularly in the southern half of the continent. For some reason [in my mind's eye] a location near Uluru/Ayers Rock may come with a tremor. But we will see...
Macquarie Island, or somewhere else between Antarctica and the Oz mainland may come up with a tremor.
NZ may come up with an M4+ on the SW of the South Island and on the NE of the North island...???

For some reason Tanzania and somewhere near Madagascar I think may come up with an M5 - but will see.

Take all I say with a pinch of salt...I may be wrong.

Will see if my EQ 'radar' is on track or not smile

I know I have missed a spot, but can't put my finger on it at the moment. I get a feeling this may be an unusual location....

For now, Duck.

#1433275 - 08/09/2017 15:45 Re: Earthquakes [Re: Lindsay Knowles]
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Re the big mag 8.0 (preliminary) quake with depth of 35km near Mexico's coast just before - the 1st graphic is an output from a tsunami model:

#1433279 - 08/09/2017 16:39 Re: Earthquakes [Re: Lindsay Knowles]
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Wow M8+ , Mexico represent. That will rattle more than your nerves. Hope damage , loss of life and tsunami end up less than expected. That's a big boy!
And maybe due somewhere one would think, one this size? More educated may like to add to that, up it has been a while....

#1433285 - 08/09/2017 17:10 Re: Earthquakes [Re: BIG T]
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Hi all.

That was a nasty quake in Mexico.

Best info I could find just now

The above article mentions Australia as possibly going on to experience a 0.3 metre sea affect as a result from the tsunami produced by the quake. Most importantly though and sadly 3 people have been killed with this quake. As time goes on more info will be available.

I felt that a quake this size was possibly going to come up on the other side [western] of the Pacific. A quake this size may be an indicator that there is enough 'going on' - energy wise, for more [1 or 2] larger [maybe not in the M8+ range] to come up post this quake. It could set off M6's in various places and will rattle many fault lines on that 'side' of the planet. If it does 'set off' or be an indicator of some possible hefty energy lurking on the planet at the moment - larger quakes could come up in any region on the planet. Let's hope there are no more M8+'s to come in the short term at least.

For now, Duck.

#1434362 - Yesterday at 09:47 Re: Earthquakes [Re: duckweather]
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Hi folks.

Well Bass Strait has come up with the tremors I have been rattling on about - as a possibility. Apparently 2 tremors of M3.4 and M3.3 in close succession.

I will catch up at some point with the EQ thread soon. I have been occupied in the last 2 weeks with one of my sons in hospital. So it may be sooner or later when I get back properly to this thread. It depends on how my son is going.

For the time being, Duck.

#1434515 - Today at 17:54 Re: Earthquakes [Re: Lindsay Knowles]
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Canberra man caught up in earthquake in Mexico
The Mexico quake was the fourth in five years for Mr Dampney
January: 393.0mm | February: 221.0mm | March: 153.5mm | April: 11.5mm | May: 8.5mm | June: 2.0mm | July: 2.0mm | August: 1.0mm
YTD: 812.0mm
2016: 668.5mm
2015: 599.0mm

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