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#1454716 - 26/02/2018 11:05 Re: Earthquakes [Re: Lindsay Knowles]
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Hi all ,New earthquake close to au .

A magnitude-7.5 earthquake has struck Papua New Guinea's southern highlands.

The quake hit in the early hours of this morning at a depth of 35 kilometres.

The epicentre was about 96 kilometres south-west of Mendi, the capital of Southern Highlands province, a town of more than 50,000 people.

It is not clear yet if there are any casualties, but Don Blakeman from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) said significant damage was likely.

"Any geologic situation like steep valleys or any type of construction, [like] buildings, mines, that sort of thing, since this is a shallow earthquake it shakes all of that a lot more," he told the ABC.

"Landslides are a lot more common and should be expected."

The Geological Survey said there was no danger of a tsunami.
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#1454833 - 26/02/2018 20:08 Re: Earthquakes [Re: Lindsay Knowles]
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Be plenty of landslides is correct , and there will ne plenty of choppers up inspecting gas and power lines. Pretty wild country up there.

#1455326 - 01/03/2018 19:50 Re: Earthquakes [Re: Lindsay Knowles]
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#1455419 - 02/03/2018 10:36 Re: Earthquakes [Re: wilyms]
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Hi folks. Back from a it of a break smile

I have seen the action in the Pacific in the past week. As I mentioned in a last post, when the action comes up in the west - look east - then action in the east look west. This is what I meant regarding the potential of activity in the Pacific. When the quakes were popping up in the east of the Pacific - quakes/tremors followed on in the west - and visa-versa. If you sat for the week staring at a live map - you possibly would have seen this kind of tremor/quake/energy behaviour happening. [remember - these are just my opinions]. The energy is still filtering through various place lining the coasts in the Pacific and creeping inland in some places.

The large quake in PNG was a doozy and predictably brought on landslides unfortunately. This quake caused ongoing tremors/quakes in the same location as the fault/problem spot settled and kept moving.

A lovely set of 'ribbed' clods formed ESE [distance ?] of here before a small tremor may have registered on a Vic seismo. Dunno if anything has been formally recorded, but my intuition suspects that this may have happened.

Australia is trotting along quite nicely with tremors here and there still. Here's the last 7 days of formal record of tremors for Oz - here
I think I can see a couple of patterns/lines......

NE of England [at sea] recently had another small tremor. I had a feeling [mentioned] some time back that the Brits may feel or experience a tremor or two. The other countries to the NE - e.g. Norway and/or Sweden may come up with a small tremor at some point. The Netherlands may have a small niggle in time too.

The Canadian west coast - yet again - has responded to all of the quake action to its north in Alaska and to its south in the U.S. and beyond with an M3.8.. Hopefully the energies affecting the other regions will partially bypass the Canadian west coast/complex plates at sea/Cascade region and continue to release elsewhere [not that I am wishing for quakes to affect other folks].

I haven't looked at the European quake lists and maps, but I am guessing we will see some more tremors/quakes come up in or around the Mediterranean Sea. This may also translate to the north into other nearby European countries.

For some reason "New York, NY" is on my mind - maybe for a small movement...?

Here's a bit of an off-topic set of 'info' [for you to presume or conclude what you wish] I happened across the following, when thinking about the sea disappearing from the beaches in eastern South America fairly recently [late 2017]. I have never heard of the South American Roll - as is mentioned in the following 2 links. I personally will maintain an open mind and am interested in many aspects of 'why' the water receded from various sources. Anyway, I'll add below what I found and see what you think.....

South American Roll [a couple of articles down the page]

Anyway, for now, Duck.

#1455919 - 06/03/2018 13:19 Re: Earthquakes [Re: Lindsay Knowles]
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Hi guys

Found this interesting article on the web.
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#1456504 - 10/03/2018 12:16 Re: Earthquakes [Re: EddyG]
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Hi folks.

I had a look at that vid EddyG and it would be a nightmare if that came off. Equally, the U.S. and Canada [both west coasts] worry about the potential of something similar to this happening for them too.
There is potential somewhere on the planet for a really nasty quake to happen - when I don't know - but I am sure the scientists are monitoring what they are able to gage with the crustal/plate movements, and keeping an eye on any potential warning signs. let's hope this kind of disaster doesn't happen of course - but one day it may - possibly or not in our lifetimes.

In my last post I mentioned that "look to the east - then look to the west - and visa versa". This could be applied to the current happenings in the Pacific, I feel. Just when something moderate comes up in the west of the Pacific - rumblings or other moderate quakes come up in the east of the Pacific - and visa-versa. The Pacific has remained very active for quite while now - it is still very unsettled. The Earth never stops moving of course, but the Pacific is on a good roll at the moment and recently. It may signal a precursor set of behaviours to another M7 or M7+ somewhere.......I could be wrong.

The Pacific Islands east, NE and NNE of Queensland are in a state of almost constant movements currently. I call the regions around Fiji and other island countries nearby "the hinge" in the western Pacific. I feel that this can be a rather vulnerable spot [vast region and not specifically saying Fiji] to large quakes.

Canada west coast is responding to nearby country's EQ activity atm.. as I anticipated it would. One day soon we may see an M5 crop up off shore in amongst the complex plate region, if the energy running through there and the energy bypassing this location meet and get snagged - causing a possible M5? [just my opinion].

Australia may respond to the quakes happening north, NNE, NE and east of Queensland yet. I wouldn't be surprised if a tremor came up in the Coral Sea or offshore QLD or somewhere nearby.

I feel the energy in the above-mentioned regions may filter down thorough NZ and SW way offshore of southern NZ and halfway between Oz and NZ [maybe around the Tasman Sea or south of Tassie. This may then push some energy back into Tasmania, Vic, NSW and SA. [again, these are just my fleeting thoughts and not absolute predictions. My perception of energy 'travel' and impetus may be wrong folks].

For now, Duck.

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#1456696 - 11/03/2018 21:08 Re: Earthquakes [Re: duckweather]
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Hi folks.

Well since my last post, Vic and WA have come up with tremors. I actually slightly felt the tremor to my east epicentered north of Rawson.
What I am 'seeing' is the beginning of the activity I anticipated for Oz. Yes, I didn't mention WA's tremors in the mix, but the fact that they have come up doesn't surprise me. All of the larger activity happening near Oz, I feel is putting pressure on our continent's edges and potentially weaker spots. So if more tremors come up around and/or near the coasts, my thoughts may be correct to a degree. My intuition was and is suspicious of energy being passed into Australia by larger quakes around the edges of the Australian Plate.

Saw some incredible ribbed clouds for 5 minutes [duration] today in the east of Vic. They formed and disappeared in that time. It was actually my son-in-law2B who spotted them first. I know these may have been just an atmospheric happening, but they always catch my eye. Also when Rawson's tremor occurred, the bird sounds ceased momentarily.

For now, Duck.

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