I thought I would start a thread on the 2018 / 2019 NSW Fire Season.

As it stands currently, 100% of NSW is now listed as within drought (Drought Hub). From a fire perspective this includes the major population hubs of the GSA, Central Coast, Hunter, Illawara, South Coast. KBDI are either above 2002/03 levels for the same time of dfor a number of areas or in some cases already above the highest point of 2002/2003.

As of the 1st of August, a number of northern NSW councils entered into the Bush Fire Danger Period. I anticipate that the 1st of September will see a significant number of areas bring forward by a month (likely those mentioned above). I would also expect that the Hazard Reduction window will also close shortly, which will make for one of the shortest windows in recent memory.

On the ground, we are already seeing fires that would not normally be experienced until late Spring.

The long range forecasts do not seem to have much faith a significant rain events in the near future.

As always, fire seasons are at the whim of the climate and other factors, so dry winter weather does not always equate a significant fire season but it does mean its a good time to start preparing just in case.