This afternoon at 1500 hours, the FFDR/FfDI at Wangaratta Vic. was VH 34, at Rutherglen it was VH 28 and at Yarrawonga it was 26. The only other similar readings were at Warracknabeal at VH 31, Charlton at 26 and Hopetoun at 28 and they are a long way to our west. This happens fairly regularly and I wondered why we here in the Wangaratta area appear to live in an anomoly?
There must be a cause but so far I can't see it. Airflow affected by hills may be an answer in the case of Wangaratta but Yarrawonga is well clear of that sort of influence. The forecast FFDI for Wangaratta was 19 for today.
Any suggestions?
With an eye to the weather!