Hi folks. [finally, again]

I reckon tsunami, that it would be difficult to say that that quake off Vancouver Island is possibly a precursor of a biggy for that region. This area niggles with smaller tremors here and there, a little less prolific than California [unless I need to research this more thoroughly to get more info]. I have always felt that the west coast of Canada is somewhat caught between the pressures which set off the tremors and quakes in and near California - and the activity in southern Alaska. I also feel that a good 'kicker' of energy which may irritate west of Canada may be the movements of the San Andreas and sister or nearby faults in California and offshore. My gut feeling is that the tremors off west Canada are responses ans releases of some of the energies being filtered in from the above-mentioned entities [e.g. San Andreas...] as well as any pressures coming in from the Pacific. That near surface irritations and [in an obscure suggestion from me] possibly deeper activity - magmatic??? - may help west Canada to niggle here and there.
There will be moderate quakes there, but when these will happen is an uncertainty. There are so many places on the planet where large quakes, as well as volcanic problems can occur, sometimes with a surprise, but we needn't avoid these areas unless there are very obvious symptoms of impending serious activity.

Petethemoskeet, I had a quick look at that article you referred to. Very interesting. I do believe, and have for eons, that there are many land and seafloor nondescript presentations that belie the fact there are fault lines and plate deviations present. A smooth surface may hide such an entity [fault line or plate deviation] as maybe over time silt [sea floor] or earth [on land] may have covered and leveled out any obvious signs of them. Our dynamic Earth has so much to teach us and uncover, things that we never realized existed - sometimes not until an event happens to expose such. I personally feel that some plate edges, as we understand them 'today', may be re-mapped or new deviation-plates will be added to maps as time goes on. Many hidden fault lines will become more obvious or be added to maps as they make themselves noticed in the future. Even major fault lines that are not currently known about will find their place on a map.

I have seen the latest EQ maps and I see a pattern of Pacific quakes and tremors which may be leading up to an M7 or more in the near future. Japan is a bit jittery. Hawaii is niggling [I feel that the Big Island is not out of the woods yet]. The Philippines and down through to the Kermadecs [including the western Pacific Islands] may have the potential for an M6+ somewhere. The Mediterranean region may come up with an M6 at some point. China as well.
Of course there are other places currently niggling, which could be hinting at possibly an M6'ish at some point - e.g. Central America/Bahamas and west coast of South America......but at the moment it could be a bit of a guessing 'game' as to where one, two or three simultaneous moderate quakes may come up....

The lower east side of Oz - NSW and Vic have been/are feeling tremors, seemingly following mountainous [or nearby] locations - except for Vic's offshore tremor [I reckon is related to the NSW tremors].
NE of Tassie and Bass Strait have been 'flooded' with ribbed clouds recently.....

For now, old Duck.