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#1499612 - 28/05/2019 18:10 Coldness Difference?
Nazareth Offline
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Have a question, if we have 5C in Stockholm, Sweden and 5C in Melbourne, Australia, is that the same or is it totally different all together? I noticed when I was in Stockholm recently that though it was 5C it was not as cold as when I am in Melbourne when it is 5C, it feels colder down there! Why is that?

#1499613 - 28/05/2019 18:21 Re: Coldness Difference? [Re: Nazareth]
Delta-T Offline
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#1499617 - 28/05/2019 19:09 Re: Coldness Difference? [Re: Nazareth]
Eigerwand Offline
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Humidity can play a role too. Higher humidity tends to make comparative temps feel colder. I wouldn't expect the humidity in Melbourne to be higher than that of Stockholm on average but of course conditions like humidity vary on a daily basis.

I actually found that 2C in Berlin felt mighty cold when I was there in comparison to here for the most part. Like the cold tended to seep into you more.

#1499639 - 28/05/2019 22:11 Re: Coldness Difference? [Re: Nazareth]
Beltane Offline
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#1499643 - 28/05/2019 23:11 Re: Coldness Difference? [Re: Nazareth]
amphetamarine Offline
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Light Scootish breeze.

#1499654 - 29/05/2019 09:18 Re: Coldness Difference? [Re: Nazareth]
snowbooby Offline
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Originally Posted By: Nazareth
I noticed when I was in Stockholm recently that though it was 5C it was not as cold as when I am in Melbourne when it is 5C, it feels colder down there! Why is that?

Nothing to do with the temperature - apart from wind chill of course but also the state of your body and health at the time(enough sleep/food etc etc)

You may find this is interest

The naked truth of why this is has to do with the clothes we wear. A person without clothes in cold, humid air may feel slightly warmer than in cold, dry air at the same temperature. As the humidity increases in cold air, the clothing we wear to keep warm insulates less. The moisture in the fibers and the wicking effect of the clothes can accelerate the heat loss through clothing. Even though the clothes do not appear wet, the humidity in the air may create a thin layer of moisture on the fibers and result in greater conduction, or transfer, of heat through the clothing.


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