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#1500518 - 12/06/2019 17:36 Re: SA - Consecutive fronts June 11-15 2019 [Re: ThD Ht]
Blair Trewin Offline
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Registered: 13/07/2001
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Loc: Melbourne, Australia
Originally Posted By: ThD Ht
according to our beloved clapped out noarlunga aws pisa garbage
we've had exactly 0.0mm of rain here since midnight.
this will become the officialially accurate and reliable
recorded gauging for this event here i suppose.
i'll supply a more unreliable and inaccurate reading from my
gauge later today.


The fault's been flagged and looked into. From what I know I'm reasonably optimistic that a reasonably accurate daily total will be recoverable, although probably not for a few days at least.

#1500523 - 12/06/2019 18:44 Re: SA - Consecutive fronts June 11-15 2019 [Re: puddles]
ThD Ht Offline
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Registered: 02/03/2002
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Loc: Reynella, S.A.
haha, thanks for your feedback blair. lets hope so, from what
you say it appears was more of a transmission fault rather than
a recording problem which is good as far as official records go.
ok so my gauging ended up as 31.6mm, not bad seeing as i was
only expecting 10-15mm.
my cropping mate up about halfway between bute and port
broughton texted me to say he ended up with 56mm which is
on top of 38mm for the year so far so he's happy as.
pity the riverland missed the big stuff, from what i see
the core of the rainband was about 100km south of the progs
on the models...... roughly.


#1500526 - 12/06/2019 19:07 Re: SA - Consecutive fronts June 11-15 2019 [Re: puddles]
betsuin Offline
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Registered: 07/04/2010
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Loc: Magill, Adelaide
37.5mm in my gauge so far.

#1500535 - 12/06/2019 22:40 Re: SA - Consecutive fronts June 11-15 2019 [Re: puddles]
StormCapture Offline
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Registered: 19/12/2013
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Loc: Uleybury
45.6mm of rain at home for the event. About timee finally get a decent rainband like that.

A nice Jetstream associated with an upper level trough combined with a surface trough and cold front to ignite the first band with storms following the main band of rain.

Models I thought faired well, some areas hit and miss but I was expecting a general 30-50mm for the Adelaide Area which it certainly delivered in the way of things. Access G needs serious calibration as it is out by a minimum 50km to the west, you can tell as it had the classic hills anomaly over the Gulf. I am quite disappointed in the BoMs forecast of 5-15mm, from 8-25mm to 6-20 to 5-15, talk about relying on one model when many others were in line for the Adelaide Area. It actually reminds me of a very similar event on May 31 2013, same thing happened minus the storms, BoM had 5-15mm for the city and they got 38.8mm, Edinburgh around 55mm.

#1500554 - 13/06/2019 09:22 Re: SA - Consecutive fronts June 11-15 2019 [Re: puddles]
Werner K Offline
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Registered: 28/11/2011
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Loc: Flinders Park, SA
Another 3.8mm in the gauge this morning brings the total to 40.4mm.

#1500588 - 13/06/2019 21:07 Re: SA - Consecutive fronts June 11-15 2019 [Re: puddles]
puddles Offline
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Registered: 19/01/2007
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Loc: Reynella, SA
Nothing down this way today. Would like some followup showers in the next few days.

#1500718 - 16/06/2019 18:08 Re: SA - Consecutive fronts June 11-15 2019 [Re: puddles]
parklife Offline
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Registered: 27/02/2013
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Loc: Hazelwood Park
A further 5mm to take the event total to 56mm.

#1500741 - 17/06/2019 00:15 Re: SA - Consecutive fronts June 11-15 2019 [Re: puddles]
ThD Ht Offline
Weatherzone ratbag

Registered: 02/03/2002
Posts: 4002
Loc: Reynella, S.A.
another 11.5mm between my last post and yesterday, not bad
for a few straggly 'followup' showers.
that makes my total for this threads parameters to 43.1mm,
for here not too shabby at all.


#1500875 - 20/06/2019 06:02 Re: SA - Consecutive fronts June 11-15 2019 [Re: puddles]
amen Offline
Cloud Gazer

Registered: 14/10/2006
Posts: 6
Loc: Robertstown, South Australia
I live at Robertstown near Eudunda and we only received 20mm last week.

To date for June our total is 25.8mm (10 Days) and the June average is 51.8. (13.5 Days)

The total for the year so far is 94mm (48 Days) and the average to June is 196.9mm (45.3 Days)

The total to this day in 2018 was 117.8mm. (42 Days)

As you can see from the results we have been "missing out" and the last 9 months is the worst conditions we have ever experienced so we certainly in a "drought".

With the "bits and pieces" that we have received it has allowed us to start sowing our crops and what we had last week was certainly required.

We are only just seeing some feed starting to grow as we have been hand feeding the animals since November last year, so from that things can only improve.

To add "fuel to the fire" on Tuesday the Left Hand Axle on the combine broke and yesterday the Back Left Hand Tyre on the spraying Tractor was staked.

Who wants to be a Farmer?
"COMMON SENSE" - The biggest problem with Common Sense is that it is not Common any more.

#1500955 - 21/06/2019 11:56 Re: SA - Consecutive fronts June 11-15 2019 [Re: puddles]
Bergasms Offline
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Registered: 04/08/2010
Posts: 409
Loc: South Plympton, Adelaide, Aus
Here's hoping you get stuck under rainclouds for a week solid. frown
I wish Mt Lofty was more lofty, another 2km or so would suffice.

#1500977 - 21/06/2019 18:57 Re: SA - Consecutive fronts June 11-15 2019 [Re: puddles]
ThD Ht Offline
Weatherzone ratbag

Registered: 02/03/2002
Posts: 4002
Loc: Reynella, S.A.
my cropping mate up at bute is going gangbusters, even in
ordinary years like last season when he lost gobs to mongeral
frosts on seed set, he's very philosophical and just gets on
with the job. things go wrong for everyone , its how you deal
with them thats the key to sucsess. some people have more
blind bad luck than others thuogh but i have also seen more
often tham not most are the author of and soley responsible
for the problems that bestow them.

hump day of the hump week of the hump month, it's all up the
downhill from here...or is that down the uphill, hoo cares,
the days get longer..... somewhat initially.
interesting to note something i didn't know until about a
week ago is that in the good l retardistan (according to
john cadogan aka usa)winter (or summer) doesn't start until
the day of the solstice whereas here it starts on the first
of the month that the solstice occurs.

with the long term lack of rain forecast things are not
looking good in regards to late seasons frosts either.
don't really want a repeat of last year.


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