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For me, it just does not seem right posting on a "ski" forum, regardless of whether it has a tropical section.
Oh, i would not worry about "vorts" he was just one of those, that had been banned multiple times for abusing members, yet every year he was back again with a different users name. Mods were notified but the did not seem to care. maybe they already knew the forum was in it's death throws back then?

I think despite the name, Ski should be treated as a full weather community. Ski has had many tropical threads in the past, and we have quite a few existing and new members who know their stuff in terms of cyclones.

From all the sites I've seen and read so far, ski has the most knowledgeable posters of all.

What people need to understand is that the site is not all about snow.
It has the most extensive weather coverage and commentary of all.