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#199694 - 14/02/2006 11:20 Re: Ray Wilkie (Retired Ch10 Weatherman)
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If you are looking at Sami Lukis, you are falling for the media trap. Turn the TV off and go get a girl friend.

#199695 - 14/02/2006 11:22 Re: Ray Wilkie (Retired Ch10 Weatherman)
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Originally posted by sonde:
If you are looking at Sami Lukis, you are falling for the media trap. Turn the TV off and go get a girl friend.
ROFLMAO :cheers:

#199696 - 14/02/2006 11:34 Re: Ray Wilkie (Retired Ch10 Weatherman)
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For sure spunky squeak - after finding weatherzone I dont rely on weather channel although we still often have weatherchannel on as a default channel. The radar, maps etc on weatherzone are great & forum has heaps of really interesting posts about weather

#199697 - 14/02/2006 12:27 Re: Ray Wilkie (Retired Ch10 Weatherman)
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Got a wife, so the girlfriend bizzo might not be what im after - but hey - the media trap got a number of my mates interested in the weather, so no harm done....and besides - whats wrong with Sami Lukis? who wouldnt look at her???

I think im astute enough to not believe or see erverything i see or hear on telly...but when one seriously wanted excellent weather advice, Ray Wilkie was probably the last of a dying breed....

#199698 - 14/02/2006 14:21 Re: Ray Wilkie (Retired Ch10 Weatherman)
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Ah yes, I remember Ray, it was his book that I first learnt the basics of meteorology, way back when I was in Year 9 at school, 1998 I think the year was.

I remember talking to him on the phone while doing work experience at BOM, he's definately up there with Jeff Callaghan. Both have passion, knowledge and great people skils. The last time I chatted with Ray was when I found out he was retiring from presenting the weather, very sad day but it was still good to hear his stories one last time.

I don't understand now why TV stations are resorting to these all looks no brains people atm, for example, whoever decided to get Steve Jacobs on Ch9 to combat a not too bad Grant Denyer, deserves to be sacked!

I hope that he's still got a lot of life in him, as the day he passes away will be the day we lose a legend.


#199699 - 14/02/2006 14:32 Re: Ray Wilkie (Retired Ch10 Weatherman)
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I think Ray Wilkie had a brother who was also a TV weather man - his name was Alan (Allan?). He was on one of the commercial channels in Sydney, 9 I think and looked very like Ray so I am guessing they must have been brothers. Nothing much since he retired here in Sydney.

#199700 - 14/02/2006 18:56 Re: Ray Wilkie (Retired Ch10 Weatherman)
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They were brothers. I've got Alan's book from the 70's where he talks about Ray's experiences in Darwin in '74. I liked Alan too, more so in the 70's and early 80's when he was given more time to explain things. Could've done with an image makeover though and speak up boy! wink
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#199701 - 14/02/2006 19:36 Re: Ray Wilkie (Retired Ch10 Weatherman)
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Originally posted by Dave-Wx:
I suggest you watch NBN (Ch 9 in NE NSW) more often Eric, best weather presenter I have ever seen is Garry Youngberry, and I know a few others living from Newcastle to the border will back me up on that!
I used to work with Garry's father, Wayne.. for a year and a bit before transferring to the current section I am in now, he deff has some talent that man. Wayne always had a lot of good storys to tell about weather and snow heh.

Ray Wilkie was and still is a deadset legend, I would tune in every night for the detailed explanations and forecasts but agree with most above, he went a bit lame in the latter stages, most likely told to dumb it down indeed.
Back in the Adelaide days.. Keith Martyn (i think?) on channel 9.. hope im right its been maaaaany years ago, he was also tops.

It would be groovy to see Jeff Callaghan do the wx up here lol, he is an awesome bloke to talk to.

#199702 - 14/02/2006 21:27 Re: Ray Wilkie (Retired Ch10 Weatherman)
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Originally posted by mick10:
was watching Livio on seven local news in townsville last week, very good presentation, the lisp can be annoying but his on air explanation is excellent.
burnsie is great aswell, great explanation but he always looks as though he is going to choke on something!!!
Tell me about Livio's LISP!!! I couldnt get passed it because he doesnt speak - he mumbles. Good presentation none the less.

Burnsie! What a champion presenter, keeps it real.

Noone will though ever beat Edwin Maher down here in Melbourne who was on the ABC for a long while! Incredible presenter with probably the best diction I have heard.

#199703 - 14/02/2006 22:38 Re: Ray Wilkie (Retired Ch10 Weatherman)
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Originally posted by Jacob:
Ray Wilkie was the best. I got an autograph from him when he visited Stradbroke Island, and even got his big yellow book..
Funny you should say that Jacob! My Father and I were waiting at Cleveland for the barge to Straddie one morning in the early-mid '90's when I spotted him and his wife!

But yeah, as I've said in an earlier but similar thread, he is a legend. I've got a heap of "weather tapes" back to 1992 and he features heavily, because of the content of his reports, and the way he explained the wx situation.

It would be nice to have a bloke like Jeff C presenting, but I can't see a network using his knowledge effectively, with a likely limited space to work in, and the 'requirement' to add entertainment onto a wx report.

Currently the best reports IMO for Brisbane are definitely from the ABC, but that's only because its 99% word-for-word from the BoM's mouth.

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