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#246064 - 18/12/2003 18:35 Rusty
tony m Offline
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Hi everyone;
never been on the Marine Weather Forum before, even though i like the coast for a relaxing swim or even a body surf.

I have only tried board surfing about six times in my own life of 42; and then only as a young teenager.
You might say i am very very rusty in board surfing and to make matters worse, my own(younger) brother Rusty used to be a semi- professional surfer going a lot of board riding to Hawaii; Bells Beach ,
Margaret River, Gold Coast and of course home surf at Cronulla.( In the end he was sponsored by Rusty's boards and clothing company.)

He has settled down now; married, two young sons and living still in the Sutherland Shire;(still close to Cronulla beach though) but a very busy man now to show his older brother how to surf,( and i am nervous and proud to ask him)

Do you think it is too late for a 42 year old bloke to learn board riding and do any of you good surfers got any tips. (best quiet beaches to start, best type of board etc) I am still reasonably fit and OK swimming.

Even though i have done a lot of travelling around Aust.(love the outback and want to get a small farm in Southern NSW later) i don't think that should rule me out of trying a new thing(surfing) do you agree or disagree? laugh


#246065 - 18/12/2003 19:40 Re: Rusty
Ray Mullens Offline
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Ha Tony m :wave:

You are never too old to do any thing.
Get into it mate “& ENJOY” :p


#246066 - 19/12/2003 03:56 Re: Rusty
Fine Elsewhere Offline
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Hi Tony & Ray, no mate, you're still young, i started wave ski riding at 40 & kept it up till 50 when a stuck the nose into the bottom and snapped the whole thing in half! get a quiet beach somewhere & get your skills up a bit then just hop on & enjoy - life is too short to worry about being too old.. wink BTW you can always drag a fish lure behind a wave ski - bit harder on a surf board but you might attract bigger creatures laugh
:wave: FE

#246067 - 21/12/2003 17:04 Re: Rusty
pingtang Offline
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Gday Tony m.

Board surfing,weather its on a surfboard or bodyboard,will do much more good than harm.Its very fun,and you'll get fit and active at the same time.So yeah,get out there and enjoy it.You're never too old to start. smile

Here are a few tips.I hope this helps.

Its probrably best off,to start on a quiet beach with very few people around.You dont want,to get in the way of anybody,as injurys can result.Choose to head out on a day of small swell.You tend to get rips/currents and more heavier dangerous waves on a larger swell.If the swell is large,wait for it to back off,or find a very sheltered corner.Also find a beach with gental breakers-ie,waves that dont dump onto shallow sand.Its crucial,that you dont go to a reef or pointbreak until you have some experience.A pounding on a reef can really hurt you.Most of these waves barrel heavily anyway,pitching the inexperienced with the lip.If you want to find a beach,Gerroa on the south coast of NSW is a good option.The sandbanks slope very gentally,and this is what you want.Unfortunalty I know nothing about Sydneys beaches,so I cant help you there.

Once you can stand up well,you can then practise moving across the wave-eg going left and right.This will take a while to do,so just practise practise practise.When you can confidently do this,you'll be able to move onto bigger and better waves GRADUALLY.When you move onto bigger surf,you'll also need to duckdive.In the meantime,just get out there and get used to things.Most importantly-have fun.Most of the advice I have given is just common sense stuff,im sure you'll do well.

P.S In regards to wetsuits,you'll need a steamer during June,July,August,September,October,and maybe even November depending on water currents.Over these months,water temperatures often hover around 15-16C mark off the southern NSW coast(including Sydney).A spring suit will be more than satisfactory for summer,and most of Autumn.Heres one last tip-during summer,a period of NEers can bring in very cold water.Just remember that smile

Good luck.


#246068 - 21/12/2003 18:18 Re: Rusty
tony m Offline
Weather Freak

Registered: 11/05/2003
Posts: 326
Loc: Menai (Sydney) Lat.-34.S; Long...
Thanks fella's for all the "good tips".
Might try and get myself a second hand board and try my luck when my holidays start in Mid Jan.
Will get myself a wetsuit too. Wish me luck.

All the best for you all at Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year 2004. :wave:



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