NT 06 July 2008 Got One Darwin (NT) [Craig-Got One]

Bait, bait and more bait was the order of the week. Building tides approaching the new moon proved hellishly productive right across the top end, the avid bottom bouncers all smiles with plenty of tasty species making the esky. Talk about mayhem...I took a quick trip just off Emery Point and later on the Pipeline in Darwin Harbour. Using 1/0 baitholder hooks we pulled pan sized Saddle Tail Snapper, Stripies, Tuskies, Cod and even Goldies for most of the afternoon. Often, it was double header action.....the best fun I've had for a long time and in our own backyard!
Landbased fishing has also turned a few stories. Sean Anderson nailed a ripper Mackeral from Stokes Hill Wharf using only a baitcast combo loaded with a pilchard bait. The monster measured 150cm and 22kg!!

Dundee Wide returned similar reports with some big fish amongst them....Sail City, Blaze and reefs in between are producing decent reef species including Goldies to 7kg, Tricky Snapper and Cod. Strangely though there have been few sightings of Tuna and Mack schools in the region....we can't even blame the weather given the glassed out conditions of late.

Crabbing.....Oh my god....I just can't beleive the amount of crab traps we are selling this year, it's insane! Ive heard a number of reports whereby fisho's are 'keeping the best ten' crabs so the results speak for themselves for now. As is normally the case, Shoal Bay tops the tree for productivity closely followed by the upper reaches of Middle Arm, Southport.

On the Barra front, Corroboree is still sticking its chest out for a gernsey. Despite the cold cold nights, early morning is still a good time to hit the water thanks to the new moon phase. Fish to 86cm are taking to Reidys Little Lucifers, Classic Just Unders and Spearheads worked real close to the weedbeds. The Rockhole is clearing up by the day co-inciding with improved fishing reports.

Look out for next weeks neaps....they look great for the Bluewater and if the weather holds up I don't think anyone will be holding back.
The Queen of Straws. smile