Tony Bullimore has been sitting in Hobart, since December, waiting to start a round the world record attempt.
He says he hasn't been able to leave because the weather hasn't been right for a quick trip to Cape Horn. A lot of people find this rather illogical, since anyone doing an RTW can't possibly plan for the right weather all the way round.
What we'd all like to know is whether there really has been so little wind around Tasmania that starting the attempt was totally ruled out and what are the prospects of getting more in the near future.

This url will take you to the latest comments from his weather router and a couple of charts

Tony is now saying he doesn't expect to be able to leave before the end of the month and that means that - even if he did break the record - he would not be returning to Hobart until early May. Isn't he likely to be running into winter storms at that time?