Below is a report from Sunday 7/10 on the Mornington Peninsula. It looks as the low which produced some heavy rain in Mallacoota on Friday night, also produced a very unusual swell direction for the Mornington Peninsula. This obviously had some good effects if you read on...............

Sunday arvo delivered some of the best beachies I've ever seen on the Peninsula. A solid swell came out of the SE (does that mean it sqeaked through between the Prom and Cape Otway or was a local swell in bass strait?)and was fanned by N winds after lunch.

Dave and I surfed a super sucky left down at ***** which was a perfect barrel on every wave but there was a killer current. Everywhere along the strecth lefthand pits peeled through what were normaly closeout shories. Portsea looked good but was super crowded.

In the arvo we hooked into a powerful right at ***** near Rye. It was epic but once again the current was a nightmare. I think the swell direction made all the beachies crank because it was hitting the banks of an angle, but this also caused the horrendous sweeps (which were pushing you away from the takeoff zone instead of around the back of it).