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#246725 - 05/09/2006 19:00 When to go? Bundaberg to NZ
Ben P Offline
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We are going to sail from Bundaberg QLD to NZ. I am looking for information on the best time to go. ie When is the weather the best?

Any informtation you can provide would be greatly apreciated.


#246726 - 05/09/2006 21:36 Re: When to go? Bundaberg to NZ
Thunderstorm Liker Offline
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Hey Ben, best time to sail to NZ is about Earlier than week after, and to sail you need a head wind to push you along so check the wind observations and check the gust and weather while you sail wink


Michael Mark Rampton

#246727 - 06/09/2006 07:03 Re: When to go? Bundaberg to NZ
thermalben Offline
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Are you looking for a "best time of the year to do this trip" forecast, or a short term outlook for the next couple of weeks?

#246728 - 06/09/2006 21:38 Re: When to go? Bundaberg to NZ
Seabreeze Offline
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IMO you'd want a slow moving High pushing you SE/SSE'wards (it would need to be in Coral Sea out near New Caledonia etc.) and you'll be at your most vulnerable to any "troublesome" weather systems while you nearing NZ. If you get a strong cold front before you reach NZ you are stuffed, lol, well not stuffed but it will make things a whole lot harder. As I'm sure if you are heading SE that if a S or SW'ly change came through sailing in almost the opposite direction against a 30-40 knot wind is pretty hard. Shame you aren't heading NZ to Bundaberg, because if you get a front you are basically catapulted towards QLD (well maybe you'd be pushed more NE/NNE instead of the NW/NNW you need but you get the point)
Before going I would recommend getting familar with Weather (Synoptic) Maps by knowing your basic meteorological physics (clockwise/Low, anticlockwise/High), observational weather skills (know what cloud is what and what that cloud does or signifies), and other weather jargon.

#246729 - 07/09/2006 08:33 Re: When to go? Bundaberg to NZ
TOM1111 Offline

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as ezz has mentined there is no really good time that we can say as you will probably have short notice if a window of good weather comes up.obviously if your sailing you dont want light winds as it would take ages to sail.
probably some time in summer would be the best if you can get a run of northerly winds but good luck making it to NZ before a southerly hits.
but if your a decent sailer a southerly should be no problem

#246730 - 07/09/2006 12:06 Re: When to go? Bundaberg to NZ
Willoughby Offline
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February/March are our calmest periods of the year with northeasterlies peaking.
Always a risk during that time of an extra-tropical storm bearing down.

Bob McDavitt's weathergram is always a good read.

#246731 - 27/10/2006 09:03 Re: When to go? Bundaberg to NZ
Lob Offline
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Would suggest avoiding summer/early autumn due to potential run-ins with tropical low/cyclones and predominant easterly winds over the NZ north island - bashing to windward around Cape Reinga ain't no fun.
Late autumn, winter and spring would all be OK - the weather tends to variable in the Tasman, so hard to pinpoint an ideal time. Would recommend dropping south along the coast until out of the SE trades, and then jump off the coast (say around Coffs), preferably in a zonal westerly or southerly flow (mosty common in winter) that will give a nice tailwind to run with.
Consider calling into Lord Howe Island along the way - amazing place.


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