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#249863 - 18/02/2003 16:22 Sea Breezes
Bella Offline
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Registered: 15/02/2003
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Loc: Middle Harbour, Sydney
I have a question regarding sea breezes through the year. In the second half of the sailing season (Feb - April)in Sydney, the sea breezes become progressively lighter. I have always presumed that this is due to the diminishing difference betwwen sea and land temperatures. Can someone please confirm this, or indeed educate me on what is the cause.

#249864 - 18/02/2003 17:13 Re: Sea Breezes
Craig Arthur Offline
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That's when the sea surface temperatures start to drop back, and the land temperatures are droping back also. Another factor is that the synoptic wind is often more easterly, which tends to weaken the sea breeze (remember this is just about the wettest time of year along the east coast, mainly due to easterly winds). In the early part of spring, the East Australia current takes a few months to get really warm again, plus there is also the generally more W/SW airstream across southern NSW. In summer, winds are more often from the north which is more conducive to the development of the sea breeze.

#249865 - 18/02/2003 17:47 Re: Sea Breezes
pingtang Offline
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Well I will try my best with this one.

Now is the time of year when the sea-breezes tend to weaken.Usually,by April/May you start to get the odd day with all-day westerlys.

There are a few reasons why this occurs.As youve mentioned its something to do with the sea and land temperatures.During March the land temperatures tend to drop.I have found,through my years of surfing that the sea temperatures are actually warmest during February,March,April,and May,before dropping back dramatically in early June.So during this time of year,the land temperture are dropping,but the sea temp is still quite warm.This means sea-breezes generally occur later in the day,and they're lighter.The synoptic charts also tend to change as well.The highs move further to the north,directing more of a westerly airstream.The lows also move northwards.Quite often the lows direct strong southerlys along the coast generating showers,and heavy swells.

So during the winter months,you usually get westerlys or southerlys.The land temperatures continue to drop,and the sea-temps are now down the mid teens.Sea-breezes do occur in winter but they're very light,and generally occur after mid-day.By September the land temps start to rise,but the sea temperature is still very cold.In fact,the sea surface temperatures do tend to rise until October or even November.Quite strong sea-breezes occur,towards the latter end of Spring.These sea-breezes,then continue through summer.

#249866 - 19/02/2003 11:26 Re: Sea Breezes
Bella Offline
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Registered: 15/02/2003
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Loc: Middle Harbour, Sydney
Thanks a lot for that, it all makes sense(which does amaze an amateur like me!) Now if someone could correctly predict whether it will be a day for a big rig, or a small rig on a 16ft skiff on Saturday arvo in Middle Harbour / The Sound, my week will be made! laugh


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