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#249876 - 25/04/2003 23:58 Boating Accident 25th S,Haven Heads
terrified Offline
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Gday all; eek frown

I just been on the phone from friends of mine for almost an hour telling me they were involved in a boating accident today at ShoalHaven Heads..

They apparently set out around 9am,headed out to a spot out off the Surf Club at S,Haven Heads to fish for flathead{a popular fishing ground},the boat been a fibre-glass half cabin 17ft Haines Hunter with a 80 HP Yamaha out board..

After a while they seen the change comming up the coast and decided to make a run for home and UNEXPECTED with out any warnings even over the marine radio they were heading into the storm which hit here around lunch time..

They apparently only got roughly a little way in and then thats when the storm had struck,with blinding rain falling,they couldnt really get their bearings and decided to head in a little closer,then disater struck, a freak wave over turned the boat,both of them were obviously thrown into the water{luckily wearing life jackets}then grabbed hold of the boat and to their lucky fortune,the boat drifted into shore,after been in the water for a 1/2 hour,lucky enough,the boat drifted in towards the surf club where a member of the surf club had spotted them and went out to their aid.

The boat was eventually recovered by SMRA{Shoalhaven Marine Rescue Association}and was towed back to Shoalhaven Heads for them to later recover,and they told me they had no time to send out a "Pan-Pan" or a MayDay" as it all happened so quick eek

Both of them came out of it with out any injuries,only minor abrassions and lost everything,fishing gear,wallet,mobile phone,fish they caught BUT!! as they said all that can be replaced,lives cant,thats all they were thankful for..

Next time they said they will even take out a radio to get hopeful updates of the weather as the conditions were good when they did set out this morning..


#249877 - 26/04/2003 02:19 Re: Boating Accident 25th S,Haven Heads
Fine Elsewhere Offline
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Hi Craig & All, Sad to hear of that unfortunate boating situation, glad they are safe now, while we are always careful of weather changes in the boat, it can change very quickly sometimes. You may have heard we have had a shocking time over here with fishing accidents in last 2 weeks, young 24 yo drowned at Salmon Holes, Albany - washed off rocks, then at Easter just out on lower west coast a Mother got washed in and her 2 sons went to help & all 3 drowned while the dad watched helplessly - so very, very sad - not many second chances in the sea sometimes. Keep safe Craig, we are flat out here ATM, will catch up with you in a week or two.
:cheers: FE

#249878 - 26/04/2003 10:07 Re: Boating Accident 25th S,Haven Heads
W W Offline

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Pleased they are safe & well Craig
That is all that matters
Heather :cheers:

#249879 - 26/04/2003 14:33 Re: Boating Accident 25th S,Haven Heads
pingtang Offline
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Hello Craig,

Im glad to hear that they are OK.Its sad to hear that they lost all their gear.Thankfully there was no serious injury or loss of life.

Yes,the weather can change extremely quickly,and I wouldent like to be in that situation.I dont blame them for losing their bearings in that sort of rain.

I was at the beach yesterday,and I have to say there wasnt much swell.It was probrably only half a metre.Shoalhaven heads is a funny sort of place,as waves break 60metres out on low tide even if its 2ft big.Low tide was at about mid-day yesterday,so a wave over a metre would have broken quite far out.

Again,im glad to hear their OK.

#249880 - 26/04/2003 22:15 Re: Boating Accident 25th S,Haven Heads
terrified Offline
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Loc: Nowra nsw
Gday to all;

I thankyou all for your support for my mates,but yes,the sea is a very dangerous at times,but yes,2 very lucky fellows..

Steve{the owner of the boat}said,he will not be in to much of a hurry to replace the boat,following the scarey experience they went through yesterday,but still will buy another boat in due time..

I was sad to read your post F/E frown ,thats terrible,yes i did hear about that,the sea,it is a great thing to enjoy,but is also really dangerous and we do honestly to it in our stride and even been a innocent surfer like P/T and others,at times can be dangerous for them to i suppose..

Yes P/T,Steve did say it was a lazy swell yesterday and gald it wasnt a high tide going out to a low tide OR the seas were not to big as they may of not made it back to tell their story..

Stay safe in the water to ALL{fishos & surfers please}..


#249881 - 30/04/2003 22:11 Re: Boating Accident 25th S,Haven Heads
Mrs Doc Offline
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One of the kids I look after is the Nephew of a man washed off rocks up towards Newcastle over the Easter Long Weekend. He drowned and a couple days later washed ashore. According to his brother he had taken off his clothes and shoes in vain hope of lightening his load to attempt a swim to safety but he was unsuccessful in reaching safety. It's been a very sad time for this family. He was a much loved man, a great Uncle and Brother.


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