Hi all,

I originally posted this as an answer in the severe weather forum, but I thought it was probably worth reposting here:

Intetesting you should say that - the BoM in Brisbane is currently investigating the possibility of setting up a VHF marine service down here in the southeast - similar to the ones that have been in place in Rocky, Townsville and Cairns for years. This would be great, as it would also make available more feedback from boaties in the field.

At present, we get some second hand information from Ken Brown (for the interstaters, he's the local fishing/weekend-weather TV guru) every now and then, but more would be nice. We should also have 3 AWSs in Moreton Bay up and running in the next few months (he said hopefully - there has been years of red tape wrapped around that one). So we actually might get some idea of what is happening out there and whether the forecast is going well or not - always usefull!

This may also be backed up by the formation of a dedicated marine forecasting position in the Brisbane BoM - not sure about that one at this stage, but the idea has some powerful suporters. Stay tuned!