Hey fellow ASWA members, you guessed it! We are calling for entries for the 2009 ASWA calendar. What are we looking for?
Anything weather related, be it a raging underbelly of an oncoming guster, or the tranquil calm of a striking sunset. Literally anything weather. Your photo may be the winning entry!

Below is the link to the submission page where firstly you need to enter your user name and password, and then submit up to 3 of your most stunning images.


The main rules are:
*Any images must be taken by you, at any time.
*Any image submitted must not have been a previous appeared in an ASWA calendar
*Entires must be a Jpeg compressed file. (If yours is chosen we will ask you for a Hi-res 4MB and above version of that image) If you have any questions about this file format please do not hesitate to contact one of the committee via the ASWA page
*Time is of essence. You only have until the 30th September Midnight to submit your 3 entries, so you'll need to get cracking like a bolt of lightning!

If you have any issues with uploading then please email Shane at: shanee@gstormc.com -he can help you in this regard.

Members should also be getting an email over the next week so make sure that you have a current email address.

We hope to see as many entries as possible to make this a special item to have. Best of luck.
Storm season is upon us... now let the fun begin