With significant events in more populated regions, reports and technical discussion can get lost amongst the general chatter and observations.

As such there will now be an option for a [Technical / Report] thread to run alongside the usual general event thread. This thread should contain [Technical / Reports] in the title and may be started at any reasonable time during or before an event when it has become obvious that there are / are likely to be a significant number of posts for an event. Only technical discussion and event reports will be allowed within the [Technical / Reports] threads; any general chat and off-topic posts will likely be removed.

There is no obligation for a [Technical / Reports] thread to run for an event and it is acceptable for technical discussion and reports to be posted within a general event thread. For less significant events and is less populated regions this is likely to be the preferred option.

If you have any comments or questions please post below. Constructive suggestions always appreciated smile