After much discussions recently, The Moderators together with the Admins have revised the guidelines with regards to posting images in the forums. They are fairly straight forward, so please take the time to familiarise yourself with them.

All Forums other than Photography:

•Maximum of 500kb per post
•Maximum 8 images per post
•Maximum of 1024 pixels on the longest border
•Please use thumbnails wherever possible.

The Photography Forums:

•Maximum 1000kb per post
•Maximum 8 images per post
•Maximum of 1024 pixels on the longest border

Posts with images exceeding these guidelines may be subject to removal by the Moderators.

**How to post clickable thumbs!**

Clickable thumbs are the most ideal way to display your images in the weather threads. This keeps the loading time for pages down, gives the readers a preview of the image and a choice as to whether or not they click on it for a larger, high res version.

•You will need to upload 2 separate images. One larger sized file and the smaller thumbnail to be displayed on the post. As a guide, the larger image could be named 'lightning.jpg', while the smaller thumb 'lightningthumb.jpg'.
•Once the 2 images are uploaded, click on the grey 'Full Reply Form' icon under the quick reply box. Another page will open up with a list of grey 'instant UBB code' buttons.
•Click on the top left 'URL' button, and a small prompt box will open up at the top of your page. Type or copy and paste the full address of the larger image 'lightning.jpg' into the box and press OK.
•Another box will open up, and you will need to type or copy and paste the full address of the thumbnail image 'lightningthumb.jpg' into the box. Before you press OK, you will need to type in [img] at the beginning of the address, and [/img] at the end. Then press OK.
•To check that the thumbnail is displayed correctly, click on the grey 'Preview Post' button, and another window will open up so you can check how your post will be displayed.

If you run into trouble, please don't hesitate to contact one of the Moderators, who will help you in whatever way they can!

EDIT: Just a reminder that there are free image hosting sites on the internet available to upload your images to, if you don't have any access to web space. These include Photobucket and imageshack to name a couple.
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