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#868169 - 13/06/2010 10:51 Re: 3D Photography- Stereoscopics & Storms! [Re: Helen]
_Chris_ Offline
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Thank you for your thoughts bigwilly. Would the aerial photographs be taken a great distance apart, and thus have very exaggerated depth. I've seen old air force stereograms taken in this manor before in a small museum. Still on the subject of other viewing mediums, when I produce a stereogram, I'm also filing away the two original pics in full resolution. This means if I decide to, and find a method to, I could publish them later as an anaglyph for instance(and I might start publishing an anaglyph along with steriograms from now on if I can find the software to produce them). I also wonder whether 3D home entertainment will someday become as mainstream as flat screen and DVD/Bluray is today, and if in a number of years, there is simple software to render your own 3D photo disks. At least when this technology first arrives, we could be the first with any material. On another note, that rig sounds like a fantastic idea bigwilly.

#868559 - 16/06/2010 11:55 Re: 3D Photography- Stereoscopics & Storms! [Re: _Chris_]
bigwilly Offline
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Chris, I can't recall the specifics (such as altitude and distance between cameras) but whatever they were they did lead to a slight exageration of depth within the images.

I don't imagine such a rig would be too hard to knock up either. It would just be a case of determining your distances and the easiest way to lock your camera in place.
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#869356 - 24/06/2010 21:26 Re: 3D Photography- Stereoscopics & Storms! [Re: bigwilly]
Things Offline
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Going cross eyed is almost natural for me, didn't even take a second to see the stereo image.

Stereo lightning is a good one, nice work! smile

#909136 - 14/12/2010 16:56 Re: 3D Photography- Stereoscopics & Storms! [Re: Things]
nitso Offline
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Hmm I've just noticed a crappy Aiptek 3D digicam going on special for $239.00 + postage. I can't imagine it smacks of quality, but even a cheap 3d image processor might be worth the wow value when it's taking video from a gust front or a tropical cyclone smile

I don't have much cash (I've splurged on better weather monitoring equipment this season with a wireless Davis VP2, Kestrel 4000 and associated PC goodies) but I reckon I might be able to find another couple of hundred for a 3D digi cam. Any thoughts ppl??

#909283 - 14/12/2010 22:32 Re: 3D Photography- Stereoscopics & Storms! [Re: nitso]
nitso Offline
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Nope scrap what I just wrote, it appears as though a lot of people were unhappy with that cheap digi above. It turns out Aiptek have been misleading ppl. Apparently 30fps is 11fps and 720 HD is lower than 640 res. I think I might just hold onto my $200 for a few months yet. There are some reasonably cheap 3D digi camcorders that should be out early next year in the 500 - 600 dollar mark (hopefully before the end of the cyclone season).

#911511 - 19/12/2010 11:42 Re: 3D Photography- Stereoscopics & Storms! [Re: nitso]
Unstable Offline
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Thanks for posting that info Nitso. I didn't even know there were such things. Hopefully the technology will rapidly improve and by the time you decide to buy there will be good ones on the market smile .
As always a reminder to everyone considering purchasing a new camera to read reviews on reliable camera websites, and ask for opinions on reliable forums etc before you take the plunge.

#911590 - 19/12/2010 14:10 Re: 3D Photography- Stereoscopics & Storms! [Re: Unstable]
core puncher Offline
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I seen on a TV show this morning (volume was muted as i was moderatelly hungover) but they had a section on 3D tech, Had a Lumix dslr with a optional 3D lense and a 3D vidcam also and then linked the footage through a toshiba 3D lappy. end results looked good through one eye, Pitty i wasnt able to find the energy to dig under the pillow for the remote.
Might do a little research later on the show and the products reviewed. It was on NBN at around 10ish am.
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