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#865087 - 25/05/2010 20:24 Re: [Re: dave7]
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more info....thanks to tree's link & the great info it contained i found something really interesting = Mantle Plumes ......Mantle Plumes impinging on the underside of tectonic plates can 'drastically' alter the topography of the ocean floor. & whats more they dont have to be at subduction zones etc...they can be 'anywhere'....still even Plate Tetonics is only an 'accepted' THEORY so we shouldnt get too cocky hey?

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#865090 - 25/05/2010 20:55 Re: [Re: dave7]
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correction see = Mantle Plume

#867029 - 04/06/2010 12:06 Re: [Re: dave7]
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Yes but what is drastically? Is it a sudden rise of 328ft in say a year. Now that would be a drastic, in geological terms, event. See but even then that took nearly 4 years to finish building and the sesmic activity was recorded around the world.

Look it is physically impossible for the earth/crust/mantle to jump 328ft without a record of sesmic activity taking place in the area of the supposed rise. The Earths crust isn't a zit that suddenly erupts into a 328ft pimple overnight. The recording device is faulty.
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#867084 - 04/06/2010 16:29 Re: [Re: SBT]
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100m less distance between seafloor and buoy in 24 days. Where has all the displaced water gone? Am I missing something in that article/post thing? If not then its a load of crap. And WW is correct.

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#867143 - 04/06/2010 22:02 Re: [Re: Flooding rains]
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The buoy is very likely to be faulty.

I have had a look at the minute by minute data and there are times when the "water column" goes up / down by a meter or more in just a couple of minutes. There are large gaps of data missing - all in all it's not a dataset that would inspire a lot of confidence.
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#867300 - 05/06/2010 20:35 Re: [Re: Arnost]
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Another one for anyone interested that I use in conjuntion with the usual suspects - .


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