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#91772 - 19/09/2005 07:34 Rainfall in litres per square metre
Tornadosky Offline

Registered: 31/05/2004
Posts: 1739
Loc: Adelaide
I just discovered something ridiculously simple I should have known all along :nerd: . And despite it's simplicity and it's value in understanding how much water actually falls when it rains, I'll bet you not one person in a hundred knows it. One mm of rainfall is one litre of water per square metre! Every time a mm of rain falls, that's a one litre container of water every square metre of land. It's given me a new appreciation of what I always considered was a rather humble amount of rainfall. I will never see one mm the same way again - in terms of volume it's a lot more than I imagined it was smile .

#91773 - 19/09/2005 08:12 Re: Rainfall in litres per square metre
Lert Offline

Registered: 17/02/2003
Posts: 377
Loc: Duncraig
This is the way I calibrate my "standard rain bucket", calculate the area of the bucket aperture in square metres then multiply by litres of rain collected. If the bucket is clean you can then use the water for topping up batteries and to put in the steam iron smile

#91774 - 19/09/2005 08:46 Re: Rainfall in litres per square metre
Michael Bath Offline
Weatherzone Moderator

Registered: 20/06/2001
Posts: 2447
Loc: McLeans Ridges, Northern River...
Yeah - you get to know that formula when you rely on rainwater tanks for your household water smile

300m2 roof x 1mm = enough water for an average day for us. Very much helps to know how many mm needs to fall to fill up your tanks when they are getting low.

cheers, Michael

#91775 - 19/09/2005 10:28 Re: Rainfall in litres per square metre
Blair Trewin Offline
Weatherzone Addict

Registered: 13/07/2001
Posts: 3983
Loc: Melbourne, Australia
As an aside, the basic unit of rainfall is quoted as litres per square metre in some countries, notably German-speaking ones.

#91776 - 19/09/2005 10:59 Re: Rainfall in litres per square metre
Tim S Offline

Registered: 10/06/2003
Posts: 1549
300m^2 of roof! thats one big house Michael! do you live in a castle or something? smile

I found this out to not that long ago too, makes you think how much water falls on each and every block during a heavy rainfall and then goes down the drain. For example the old 1/4 acre block is just over 1000m^2 so for a decent rain event of 25mm thats 25 Kiloliters of water! enough for most households in Perth for a couple of summer months! but of course a house would look pretty ugly with a upside umbrella on it to catch all this water! smile

#91777 - 19/09/2005 22:34 Re: Rainfall in litres per square metre
adon Offline
Meteorological Motor Mouth

Registered: 19/08/2004
Posts: 5339
Loc: Not tellin!
we have about 500m2 total roof area that we collect water that's with the sheds and the house we have about 140 000l total water storage. We only use rainwater for the huse apart from the toilets. so that means we would need about 280mm to fill our storages. We haven't been full for a while now wink

#91778 - 20/09/2005 15:38 Re: Rainfall in litres per square metre
Rikki Pool Offline
Weatherzone Addict

Registered: 16/03/2005
Posts: 2252
Loc: Bendigo/Strathfieldsaye
thats a big amount of water!!!!
we need about 70mm of water to fill our tanks from empty. thats two tanks. and our house is 34m2.

#91779 - 20/09/2005 19:12 Re: Rainfall in litres per square metre
adon Offline
Meteorological Motor Mouth

Registered: 19/08/2004
Posts: 5339
Loc: Not tellin!
Well I suppose we have to have plenty of storage because we don't get a lot in showers here so we have to rely on the larger rains which are not that common either. Also we don't have to worry about space to put them in.


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