For about 8 hours yesterday prior to Yasi reaching landfall, I spent reading as a non member the many posts from people far and wide.
At around midday to 2.00pm area, looking at the maps and going by a gut feeling, I suspected Innisfail to be in the firing line. To the extent of taking a risk and making myself appear stupid, I went ahead and posted on a standard non weather forum, that anyone in Townsville should leave and go due south now. I missed the mark as it landed at Mission Beach.
Hopefully though someone took note and left.
Not very scientific going by gut feeling, but it works for me quite well. Imagine my surprise when later in the day I read that others were also believing this, I didn't feel such a fool after all.
Thanks to all who gave valuable information on Yasi, which I was able to relay to friend via phone and text that were in Cairns and surrounds. They are all safe, 4 adults, 1 child and 4 very expensive breeding dogs.
My best wishes to all.
"Until one has loved an animal, part of one's soul is unawakened."