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Posted by: Todd Baker

Weatherzone flickr Group - 24/06/2010 15:48

Hello All Weather Photographers,

Here at Weatherzone we really value your participation and the great weather photography you all produce. We know how passionate you are about it and we want to expand your audience. At the moment this great photography is locked away in the forums and we really want to let it out to a wider community.

We want to help build a stronger Weather Photography community and that means we need a central repository. For a number of reasons we have chosen flickr for this task.

1. Its Free. You can choose to pay for a Pro account if you like but the basic account is free.
2. Its Open. The platform is open and has an open API.
3. It integrates well with other sites and social networks. Once you get your photographs in flickr you can easily get them into the Weatherzone Forum, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else you want to publish it.

We have created a flickr group to contain these photographs. flickr groups enable people to collate photographs from a certain theme into a group. Once the photos are in the one group we are able to access them easily and publish them on Weatherzone. Soon we hope to be able to feature local weather photography from the community right along side your local weather forecast. You will always retain ownership and copyright of your photographs.

Whilst it is possible to comment and discuss the photographs on flickr we don't want to move the discussion away from the forums, on the contrary. This structure will enable everyone to post similar sized pictures into the forums and continue to have lively discussion about the photographs and events that lead to them.

Initially the flickr group will be "invite only" and only available to forum members. Anyone who would like to participate should join flickr and make the Weatherzone user a "contact". I will then send you an invite through flickr. Over time, if it proves successful, I would like to open it up to any Australian photographers who would like to contribute to it. This will, hopefully, attract extra members to the forum.

Weatherzone User
Weatherzone Group

Below is a detailed "How-To" that should guide you through the process of uploading to flickr and then posting in the forum.

And finally, this isn't compulsory... We'd love you to post your images into a more structured environment that is flickr but we aren't going to force you. We mainly want you to keep taking great pictures and share it with as many people as possible, so if you want to keep uploading them to wherever you do now, that's ok, but hopefully you will consider doing it via flickr and help us build a huge community around weather photography.


Todd Baker
Posted by: Todd Baker

Re: Weatherzone flickr Group - 24/06/2010 15:49

-== How to Upload, Tag and Post in Forums with flickr ==-

This assumes you already have a flickr account, have become a member of the Weatherzone Group and have a Weatherzone forum account. There are numerous tools to upload from your desktop or mobile, but I will explain the most basic proccess here.

Upload to flickr

1. Upload your photograph to flickr here:
2. Once Uploaded click "add a description"
3. Edit the title and description so as to accurately describe the photograph
4. Complete the "Tags" field with a comma separated list to describe the photograph. e.g. "storm, lightning, Lismore, beach, boats". Don't be afraid of putting too many tags. The more the better.
5. Click SAVE
6. You should see your new photography listed in your "photo-stream". Click on it to get to the photographs details.
7. Your title is listed above and the description below. Click on either to edit them
8. In the right hand column there is the data relating to your photo. It will contain the tags you entered and may contain additional information like the camera you used and possibly the location.
9. If no location is listed click on "Add to your map" to geo-tag the location to your photograph.
10. Zoom and scroll around the map until you can see exactly where the photograph was taken. You may need to zoom in quite close.
11. Drag the photograph from the bottom strip onto the map and drop it in the spot you took the picture. You can adjust it if necessary and then save. You will be returned to the photograph details page.
12. Finally click "Send to group" (again just above the image on the details page) and select Weatherzone.

Embed your Photograph in Weatherzone Forum

You will now need to embed your photograph in the Weatherzone forums.

1. Copy the URL of your photographs detail page
2. Go to the forum, create a new post in an appropriate thread, and click the hyperlink icon (next to the smiley) and enter the URL, don't enter any text.
3. Go back to the Photograph Detail page and click "All Sizes" just above your image.
4. Select "Medium" from the "Available sizes:"
5. Copy the URL from the "Grab the photo's URL" field.
6. Go back to your forum post and click your cursor in the middle of the url tag.. i.e. just before the [/url] tag.
7. Click on the image icon (next to the email icon) and click "insert a non-floating image" then paste the URL you copied into the field presented. It should enter a img tag inside the url tag.
8. That's It. You can add some comments if you like to your forum post and then submit.

And viola... my attempt at lightning photography.. linked back to flickr. smile

Posted by: Harry Spotter

Re: Weatherzone flickr Group - 13/09/2010 13:45

Great idea! I am an active Flickr user and Weatherzone member (during the storm season). However I was just about to join the Flickr group and noticed you expect members to release their photos for possible publication by Weatherzone or "its related entities". Some chasers make a living out of their photos and this condition is unrealistic. I'm wondering if the group might find more interest if this rule was removed. It sounds more like a grab for free photos rather than a genuine community service.

Posted by: Willoughby

Re: Weatherzone flickr Group - 26/10/2010 02:26

" 4. By submitting photographs to this group you agree that your photograph(s) may be published online on or its related entities. "

Yes. Can you please elaborate on this point?
Posted by: dave7

Re: Weatherzone flickr Group - 04/04/2013 20:08

Some amazing(ufo cloak)clouds in this...Enjoy...
Posted by: poida84

Re: Weatherzone flickr Group - 12/10/2015 12:15

i see this never really picked up... seems dead