AFL Season 2019

Posted by: desieboy

AFL Season 2019 - 25/03/2019 01:07

Go Dockers such a great win against the Kangas ..

Eagles not a good start after winning GF last year.

Brisbane got so many runners this year looks like there going to have a great season.
Posted by: Mick10

Re: AFL Season 2019 - 25/03/2019 10:05

I so look forward to footy starting up again, Round 1 is the best. That is until the Bombers decided not to turn up in Sydney yesterday. Our VFL team won by 100pts, my suggestion, swap them over frown
Posted by: desieboy

Re: AFL Season 2019 - 25/03/2019 17:27

Yer pretty deflating for the Bombers but they were alone a few teams were a bit flat footed last weekend.

Any win this year will be a bonus no matter what side it is .
Lots of X factors coming into play this year.
Posted by: Mick10

Re: AFL Season 2019 - 26/03/2019 01:02

a lot of up and coming teams this year, going to be very close imo.
Posted by: Wet Snow

Re: AFL Season 2019 - 27/03/2019 05:58

Hello Fellow AFL Fans:

I'm So, So, So Ready for another AFL season. Looking forward to hearing the games on my PC. I missed last weekend as I totally forgot about the 2019 AFL regular-season opening weekend.

Hopefully, the Mighty Bombers can build on last seasons' momentum, continue to make progress & get into the Top 8.

GO AFL--Go Bombers--Wet Snow
Posted by: Petros

Re: AFL Season 2019 - 31/03/2019 18:49

Sorry about the result WS - but I am a Saints supporter.

Will the Saints Josh Bruces mark become "Mark of the Year"?
Posted by: Mick10

Re: AFL Season 2019 - 31/03/2019 21:03

sadly our momentum is pretty much back to where the Bombers started 2018, terrible. Cant figure it, really cant. Had 4 months of preseason to get fit, work out game plans and we are playing slow, lacking basic skills and look more Carlton of the past 10 years than an improving footy club.
Posted by: samboz

Re: AFL Season 2019 - 31/03/2019 21:50

Hawthorn ?, looked to have it until late 4th qtr.
Posted by: desieboy

Re: AFL Season 2019 - 01/04/2019 13:32

Dockers had a bad loss yesterday when they easily had the chance to win after GC had the wobbles in front of goals with 19 points for the game.
Posted by: Ruckle

Re: AFL Season 2019 - 05/04/2019 20:30

Wow, the AFL in strife, the drug cheats and the tankers in the Friday night spectacular. Take your kids.
Posted by: ColdFront

Re: AFL Season 2019 - 06/04/2019 22:20

Great game to watch between the Lions and Port.
Posted by: Thunderstruck

Re: AFL Season 2019 - 07/04/2019 08:01

Cannot tip anything this year! Great win by the lions, good game to watch. Connor Rozee is an absolute ELITE talent, wish we managed to get him at the crows.

TS cool
Posted by: desieboy

Re: AFL Season 2019 - 09/04/2019 13:52

Good to see the Pies get there arse kicked at home by the West Coast .

Pies lost to Eagles 4 times in a row now turning into their nemesis...and one win was the GF.

Also Dockers hung in there, just, for a win over the in form Saints.
Posted by: desieboy

Re: AFL Season 2019 - 12/04/2019 16:21

Good to see the Demons get there first win over the Swans.

Swans fell to bits after half time after a positive first half and were leading by 22 points at one stage.

But Melbourne dominated the second half in marks, clearances and conversions for the rest of the game.
Posted by: desieboy

Re: AFL Season 2019 - 15/04/2019 12:24

Hard to tip winners so far this year.
Gold Coast on fire most improved side this year.
The Blues train is running low on steam .

Overall the comp is looking like a much more even affair that previous years with any team winning if their on their game on the day.
Posted by: Werner K

Re: AFL Season 2019 - 16/04/2019 09:46

Good to see the Tigers win away from home without their top players, good team effort.
Posted by: desieboy

Re: AFL Season 2019 - 20/04/2019 12:36

Eagles misfired last night with a very lack lustre performance while the Port were sensational .
Posted by: Seina

Re: AFL Season 2019 - 21/04/2019 19:33

As of today, looking at the AFL ladder, not a single AFL team has zero wins.
Posted by: desieboy

Re: AFL Season 2019 - 29/04/2019 18:05

Yes pretty even contest on the ladder atm .

Win a game and a team could climb up to 8 places up the ladder as seen on the weekend.

Eagles not looking too good atm but early days, Geelong really strong around the midfield but a couple of injuries and all can changes.
Port Adelaide good all round team effort in the last couple of weeks to climb up the ladder same with the Dockers.
Posted by: Mick10

Re: AFL Season 2019 - 13/05/2019 17:15

pretty frustrated with my Bombers right now, we have been hit hard with injuries to our talls which makes it hard to get a forward line functioning, but just so hit and miss from week to week. Should have taken care of the Swans easily Friday night. Having said that if the ump had given us a free kick after the siren for shaking the goal posts we would have!!
Posted by: desieboy

Re: AFL Season 2019 - 18/05/2019 12:13

Good game last night ...the Demons were leading for three and a half quarters then the Eagles turned it on in the last quarter .

Ryan took an amazing mark and goaled in the last quarter to win back the ascendency and then Melbourne missed a couple of goals and it was all over from then on .

The Demons with some of their players coming back soon they will be a strong side in the coming weeks.