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Posted by: KevD

[Technical / Reports] threads - 07/11/2009 09:20

With significant events in more populated regions, reports and technical discussion can get lost amongst the general chatter and observations.

As such there will now be an option for a [Technical / Report] thread to run alongside the usual general event thread. This thread should contain [Technical / Reports] in the title and may be started at any reasonable time during or before an event when it has become obvious that there are / are likely to be a significant number of posts for an event. Only technical discussion and event reports will be allowed within the [Technical / Reports] threads; any general chat and off-topic posts will likely be removed.

There is no obligation for a [Technical / Reports] thread to run for an event and it is acceptable for technical discussion and reports to be posted within a general event thread. For less significant events and is less populated regions this is likely to be the preferred option.

If you have any comments or questions please post below. Constructive suggestions always appreciated smile
Posted by: V0R73X

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 07/11/2009 09:27

Finally a bit of logic prevails. Well done! smile
Posted by: Jeepie

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 07/11/2009 09:35

Thanks you Black Nor'easter. Really appreciated.
Posted by: Macca-wx

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 07/11/2009 14:50

Funny how quickly it was realised that this needed to be the case...maybe it had something to do with the ridiculous number of posts from Thursday's storms in SEQ describing each and every rain drop as it fell.

Still not overly impressed with the forum in this state. Reports are still being posted in various places (and sometimes twice).
Posted by: Anthony Cornelius

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 07/11/2009 15:17

What's wrong with posting them twice? Not everyone is going to read both threads.

Posted by: StormySpott

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 07/11/2009 15:25

Personally, I enjoyed seeing the reports in both threads in the old forum. If I happened to be browsing in the obs thread, and came across a report, it saved me (albeit a few extra clicks) to jump into the Forecast/Reports thread to have a read of what had happened to the chasers who headed out and about.

But I must admit, it can become cluttered that way, even though I personally prefer it. Separating them at least prevents reports being lost in 500+ pages of observations.

And on another note....the Spott is back in on WZ, after an extended break (and lost sign in details).

EDIT: Ooh, I'm a 'Cloud Gazer' again smile.
Posted by: Anthony Cornelius

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 07/11/2009 15:32

Furthermore, it must be remembered that the forum is for many users, not just those who like to be technical and not just for those who like to have a chinwag about weather. One of the main drawbacks about having a "technical thread" is that there is already a minority of the forum who like to think they are better than others (even to the point where they completely 'snob' others!) And that's not the type of attitude that is conducive to a great, friendly and learning forum community.

I'm not sure why you aren't happy - most other forums, things would be changed and if you didn't like it then tough. Personally I thought the situation was handled superbly - rules adjusted instantly to accommodate - people should be thanking the forums for their quick action, not ridiculing them.

Posted by: Dave-Wx

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 07/11/2009 15:40

The response was great - and thanks to those concerned smile

But the only critisism I have is the fact that the decision was made to lump everything together in the first place, only to go back on it only 24 hours after implementation. Here I'm just thinking a bit about what convinced the powers that be that it was the way to go when they made that decision.

The one massive thread may have had a small contribution to the epic spamfest on Thursday...but I think it was a bit of a one off occurance given we're storm starved, and even more weather and rain starved than we usually are in the SE corner for this time of year! I sincerely hope it isn't like that every time there is a severe storm on the 128km radar from now on *prays*
Posted by: JEFF.H.

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 07/11/2009 15:48

I give my full 100% support to running split threads just as the old forum layout did, it keeps chit chat and Technical / Chase reports and pic's separate smile

Im not one to sift through 1000 posts or 100 pages looking for significant posts, yet I have time to help and assist people the best I can with various weather questions and comments. This includes Tech thread, if someone posts a forecast or report that I feel is incorrect or inadequate then Ill post my thoughts. We all try not to tread on peoples toes but hey this is mother nature we are dealing with here and she has many variables, while one week someone will be correct with their forecast the next they may not be... been there done that.
AND take up matters via PM thats what is there for.

Cheers Jeff H
Posted by: JEFF.H.

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 07/11/2009 15:53

Oh and on a personal note I hate chasing storms with a crowd or storms that others are chasing, I guess I don't like being influenced by others.Geez wouldn't I hate chasing in the US hahaha... We all have our different styles and I like to get my own pictures and videos that no-one else has (unique), and then share them online or through media.
Posted by: Anthony Cornelius

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 07/11/2009 16:10

Hi Jeff,

I think that's probably a different discussion all together! (ie 'Chase Ettiquete') - I'm sure it's been done to death in the US! Ie, what do you do if you run into another chaser? I always try and be friendly if I know who they are - but I do have a similar opinion to yourself. A part of chasing for me is getting away from people, so I love being out in the country/middle of nowhere. Though I do chase in groups sometimes - normally pre-arranged though. But yeah - an interesting discussion again (as in Forum Attitudes vs Chasing Ettiquete - and how/where the two can mix).

Posted by: Squid

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 07/11/2009 20:51

so glad there is another section that the technical stuff can be disused on now very good move makes it easier IMO
Posted by: Dan607

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 07/11/2009 23:07

I agree with everyone re: having the storm to yourself, but sometimes if it's a beauty you just want to tell someone or have someone to share it with to experience what you are.
And also I think the technical report area is great so I don't have to go through 60+ pages to find some.
Posted by: Horizon

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 08/11/2009 02:20

Great to see this is back smile

I loved going back over the years and looking at the tech aspect of storm setups and the aftermath in the briefing room threads. Great reading for anyone wanting to learn more about the nitty gritty or forecasting and what eventuated without having to go through the Obs of the day.

With regards of the normal thread maybe the powers that be can update posting policy to cut down on some of the spam ? I know we are weather starved but some of the page after page did seem a bit to much even for a "noob" like myself
Posted by: KevD

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 09/11/2009 23:12

Originally Posted By: Dave-Wx
The response was great - and thanks to those concerned smile

But the only critisism I have is the fact that the decision was made to lump everything together in the first place, only to go back on it only 24 hours after implementation. Here I'm just thinking a bit about what convinced the powers that be that it was the way to go when they made that decision.

Hi Dave

The decision on how to go was taken after much discussion...And a key point now is that the new forum has not gone back to the old BR / BWU break up of threads - we're trying something a little more flexible where there is no enforced divide between the two - that BWU type threads will suffice for many events but that there is always an option for a BR type thread...

The reason for the quick change was because we were working hard behind the scenes to listen and act on feedback - and of course the number of posts in the SE QLD NE NSW thread so soon after the changes were made. Just wait for a SE QLD flood event!!!

I've no worries about pots going in two places if it works in both...And reckon AC has been totally on the mark with his comments above - this is a forum for all smile
Posted by: Dave-Wx

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 09/11/2009 23:50

Yes I reckon what we've ended up with is even better than what we had before, increased flexibility will help in particular the sharing of info/expertise/learning which is one of the main reasons why we are all here smile

I actually re-typed that post about 2-3 times because it wasn't reading so well...the last sentence in particular still isn't right! lol

It should have said something like "I wonder how good the decision making process was originally as the admins who make the big decisions around here would've been convinced at some point that was the way to go...and how those convictions were so easily swept away in favour of something else in a matter of 24 hours"

Just getting my sentence out there properly, not wanting to start an argument or have a go at anyone - just commenting on some of the overall thought processes. As I've already said I was impressed with the swift response so a thumbs up for that!
Posted by: Boeing777

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 12/11/2009 08:17

Just to clarify, does reports mean chase reports only or reports of things like rainfall / max gusts recorded during/after an event?
Posted by: KevD

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 12/11/2009 08:45

Hi Boeing smile

For reports in the tech/reports section there would be an expectation of a little detail - not just a one line post. For example "I got 25mm and winds up to 45km/h" would go better in the chat thread...But if you've got a personalised (and relevant) story to tell then please share it in the Tech/Reports thread - something along the lines of details of where you are / what happened / stats / explanation of what happened / photos etc.

There are no hard and fast rules but looking through some of the old BR threads for reports would give you some idea of what would be expected in there. Would love to see your contribution in there so if you need any more guidance please let me (or any of the other Mods) know smile

Cheers, Kev
Posted by: markm9

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 21/12/2009 18:51

Just some clarification on the technical thread.

Does it include photos of lightning? They take up a lot of space on a forum thread.

I see many of these looking out my window each year.
Posted by: KevD

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 21/12/2009 22:06

Hi Mark9. Random lightning shots into the chat (or even the appropriate weather photo sections) but if as part of a reasonable report (even if the report primarily consists of photos with limited info) then I don't see why the Tech threads would not be a decent home for them :-)
Posted by: Renegade

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 12/01/2011 05:27

Can someone confirm if the time stamp for posted comments is daylight saving or local time for Queensland related items,
Posted by: !SCHUMMY!

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 12/01/2011 08:56

to my understanding the forum runs on daylight saving time because they are based in sydney, hope that helps you
Posted by: teckert

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 12/01/2011 09:01

You can set the time stamp to whatever time zone you wish, through the edit preferences link in 'My Stuff' Default is EST though yes...
Posted by: Dave-Wx

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 12/01/2011 09:01

You can choose your time offset in your profile (eg: I use -1 for QLD time)
Posted by: Renegade

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 12/01/2011 23:28

thank you all.
Posted by: Kazz63

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 25/01/2013 21:01

OK I know this is an old thread, but is it basically saying you guys don't have Tech only threads anymore? They are so much easier to read when all we want is updates on the weather situation rather than how many raindrops fell on someone's Commodore on the southside.
Posted by: Chrissy

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 28/01/2013 16:18

Here here..! I agree totally! I came here 2 years ago to get the info from the weather buffs that know whats going on. Since then (especially this event) it has turned into facebook with people un necesarily jumping up and down about dams overflowing and dam walls eroding.. And now we dont hear from the more knowledgable people anymore. Thats very sad frown.
Posted by: Seabreeze

Re: [Technical / Reports] threads - 28/01/2013 16:31

Tech/Reports threads can still be made for a new event, it's just that they are no longer compulsory.