Oil membrane

Posted by: Zarkov

Oil membrane - 20/07/2005 21:00

Hi I am new... I have some important questions.

Just wondering what a petroleum oil membrane between the sea surface and the atmosphere would do to the world's weather ?

Just to clarify, the oil slick is world wide, on all water surfaces.

As a second question

How could the molecular layer of oil on the surface of the seas be removed ?
Posted by: Craig Arthur

Re: Oil membrane - 21/07/2005 09:13

It'd heavily impact on the surface moisture flux from the oceans. No moisture flux means a severe deficiency of rainfall. A thin layer of oil is often used in any number of applications to prevent water evaporating from a surface. Usually though this is at least a few millimetres to a centimetre thick. I would expect that some moisture would permeate a layer of oil which was less than a millimetre. Additionally, surface wave action would act to break up the complete coverage of the oil slick very quickly if it were only a very thin film.

To a lesser extent, the oil slick would probably also affect the ocean's uptake of gases such as O2 and CO2, which has fairly significant impacts on marine life.
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Re: Oil membrane - 21/07/2005 12:54

Sorry I posted in the wrong place... marine is fine, but really this is world wide weather.

The layer of oil that is on all the waters of the world, will lead to severe disruption to the hydrology cycle of the entire world.

The Southern hemisphere is suffering terribly.

The Northern hemisphere has started to bake....

the surface micro layer is greatly affected, plankton and other food chain organisms are depleted.
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Re: Oil membrane - 21/07/2005 16:40

see "Sea Water - Oil Membrane - Atmosphere" compilation of data

any additional data is more than welcome.

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Re: Oil membrane - 25/07/2005 10:04

Is "oil on water" too controversial for any qualified comments ?

The so called "Greenhouse Effect" is caused by this oil layer, IMO.

If the world does not wake up soon, all the land will be dust.

PS sorry omegafour.com was unavailable recently for viewing, however I am assured it can be viewed now.

Posted by: Craig Arthur

Re: Oil membrane - 27/07/2005 10:15

Still no go with the above link Zarkov. I'm interested in reading some more about this though...
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Re: Oil membrane - 28/07/2005 09:40

Sorry, just at the wrong time my site is down for service.

I will give some data

Dr. Hardy says, "In the more than 200 microlayer samples we have collected from rivers, estuaries, bays and oceans, there is a sadly consistent picture: the surface microlayer is becoming a soup of toxic metals, organic pollutants, bacteria, pesticide residues, and the by-products of combustion-derived hydrocarbons from cars, trucks, aeroplanes, refuse incinerators, and power plants. Coastal sewage waste-water discharges, runoff from municipal and agricultural drainage systems and direct industrial discharges into rivers contribute to the contamination."

Dr Edwards said: "The spring bloom is declining, and the cold water zoo-plankton that feed on the spring bloom are declining as well - and so are the fish larvae that feed on the zoo-plankton."

Over 700 million gallons of oil is estimated to be released into the environment per year.

Over 1 billion gallons of oil has been spilled over the last 10 years.
The amount of petroleum products ending up in the ocean is estimated at 0.25% of world production,

In my opinion this situation is terminal.

Thanks for your interest.
Posted by: Zarkov

Re: Oil membrane - 28/07/2005 09:50

Just some background

Micro-layer marine biologists detected and analysed the micro-layer back in the 1930s and they found the oil was 'man-made' petroleum oil and that in every sample collected the layer was present.... they sampled from all corners of the globe.

We are now at 2005, and very little research (if any) has been carried out in the field of oil and water membranes and the effect upon the hydrology of the environment.

The hydrology changes we see today have been dubbed "the Greenhouse Effect" ... not political, and easy to fix ..????

However the fixes are not working, the situation is becoming critical and still quick fixes are seeked.

In my opinion, formed some 20 years ago, the micro -oil-layer created by our greed is the cause of our woes.

Solution.... ?????