Big swell past week VIC

Posted by: Alex Zadnik

Big swell past week VIC - 25/02/2002 16:26

Victoria has been receving some large swell the past week or so, are there any tales of epic sessions down there? I have a couple of friends from the Peninsula who have reported some excellent waves earlier last week when winds were offshore. A bit smaller today but it also looks fun qith light northeasterlies. On saturday Peninsula surf centre were reporting 10ft plus sets (although they tend to over estimate slightly), so I assume there were some good waves this day in those spots protected from the wind.
I assume SA has also been pumping BR?
Anyway, though it was time for a new topic!
Posted by: Alex Zadnik

Re: Big swell past week VIC - 25/02/2002 16:32

PS the original Johnny Utah was spotted at Trop Fest in Sydney last night! No way, dude.......No way Bells is going to bigger than Waimea!
Posted by: Adiabatic

Re: Big swell past week VIC - 25/02/2002 16:39

Ha we'll see :p

Its been pretty good the past 5 days in particular, yesterday was a good day and today has been perfect as will tomorrow. But isnt it always the way when theres good surf its always during the week, and when the weekend comes along its like 1mm and onshore mad

4 SEASONS laugh
Posted by: thermalben

Re: Big swell past week VIC - 26/02/2002 10:20

Hi Johnny smile

Seems the whole southern Australian coastline got something out of the ordinary last week/weekend. There were two distinct swells; the second, more southerly swell was the one which provided the larger surf. Size was reported around the 8ft mark at select places around the Victor Harbour region (ie well over double overhead), and the day it hit (Thurs), SA also experienced unseasonally favourable light westerly winds for most of the day aswell. I noticed this on the Vic surf coast too.

Best be keeping the feet up around these parts though at the moment, there's been more-than-the-usual-amount of reports on the 'big men in the grey suits'.

Posted by: Alex Zadnik

Re: Big swell past week VIC - 26/02/2002 17:57

Hey BR,
The swell earlier last week, although smaller than the second swell, coincided with some light northeastery winds, aparently it was pretty damn good if you could find a spot to hold the swell. Good to hear you've been scoring down your way. Sydney unfortuneately is yet to produce the goods. I'm off now for some 2ft waves after work.
Taking about sharks, I didn't see one in years of surfing in VIC, but saw my first little one out a Maroubra the other week. I don't know how you could ever go for a solo surf in SA, it would be scary as hell! smile
Also on the subject of last weeks swells, it seems to be the case that when VIC or SA receives one BIG swell there is often a bigger follow up swell a few days later. I haven't really done much investigation into why this is usually the case, do you have an explaination or have you noticed this in your forecasting?
Posted by: thermalben

Re: Big swell past week VIC - 28/02/2002 13:09

Yeah, it's a weird thing, the 'follow-up' swell on the Southern Coastline. I have noticed it from time to time, but haven't done a thorough investigation.

I usually associate most of the large swells we receive with strong LWT's (typically for us the backside where the probability of good SW fetch is the largest). Last weeks LWT was quite slow moving, and dropped off a few fronts of varying intensity - the first part had >35kts of WSW winds moving from an area around 55S, 95E through to the western Bight (40S, 125E), before it ran out of puff. We therefore had a great swell on Sat 16th (at all WSW facing breaks) without all the wind as is common when LWTs pass close to SA.

Then it dropped off another more intense low with SSW winds at 50-60kts around 55S, 135E for a day or two around Tues 19th - this is where all the really large surf came from. This swell was from a completely different direction though; a lot of spots in SA that got good surf dipped out in the second round.

Anyway it's quite fun keeping track of them - especially that last one - how big can they get? They are rare enough for me to not get as much practise as I'd like in forecasting them, that's for sure smile

Oh, and the surf forecast I have been doing since June will be online very shortly. Will post web details soon.
Posted by: Alex Zadnik

Re: Big swell past week VIC - 01/03/2002 15:51

Hey BR,
May 9th 1999 and the week preceding it was a prime example of the big swell followed by a bigger swell. May the 9th, was in the 12-15ft range on the Mornington Peninsula, while an 8ft swell had come through 4 days prior. I'll try and post the Archive MSL analysis charts from this week. This seems to be the case with most large swells I have noticed. I have payed particular attention to this, as we have an awesome big wave spot back in VIC that only breaks twice a year(if that), so you don't want to miss it!
Anyway, good luck with the waves and let me know when your site is up and running,
Posted by: thermalben

Re: Big swell past week VIC - 05/03/2002 18:15

It is still a little way off, but the ensembles are suggesting a nice swell scenario for most of next week after this weekend's cut-off low moves through around Sun/Mon. Could be some nice longrange groundswell in SA and Vic from Tuesday or Wednesday through 'till the weekend.

Hmmmm, perhaps it's time to re-arrange the diary smile
Posted by: thermalben

Re: Big swell past week VIC - 08/03/2002 15:52

Swell is still well and truly on track for next week in SA. Should be a spurt of classic autumn waves during Tues and Wed.

Going out a little more long range (and into an area I am not quite as familiar with), the ensembles are suggesting a deep trough to extend adjacent to the East Coast from next Tues-Sun. Gale probabilities are mild; it's looking for a sizeable SE swell mid to late week tending more E through the course of the weekend. Not bad considering the current week of swell in Qld too.

Any thoughts?
Posted by: thermalben

Re: Big swell past week VIC - 12/03/2002 10:56

The swell mentioned above hit the Mid Coast region during the night - this morning revealed glassy head high waves with a light puff from the SE. The afternoon's incoming tide will no doubt produce some excellent surf.
I imagine country SA locations would be on fire today smile

And it's still looking ace for the rest of the week aswell!