Surf Videography

Posted by: flip

Surf Videography - 17/03/2005 21:54

My friend recently got a special sealed-tight case for video cameras that allow a video camera to be taken up to 20ft under water (allegedly). So today we decided to test it out at one of the Northern Beaches of Sydney and all I can say is that is much, much harder then any photography and videography that I’ve done before and wouldn’t be surprised if it is one of the hardest forms of videoing to do! Though, I must say, it was incredibly fun trying to film from the surf and trying to keep the camera remotely steady and watch out for oncomming waves too. I ended up getting some amusing stuff on video too like me not paying attention then my mate yelling out “barrel” then I replying “SH!T” just as the stupid thing comes over me and dumps me then my friend consecutively 2 seconds later! laugh The video cut out because the wave hit that hard. Maybe I should try upload that.

So I was kinda wondering, has anyone else tried this before and know any techniques to get better at it?

Posted by: mic_o7

Re: Surf Videography - 18/03/2005 09:21

can you fit a wide angle in the housing that might help steady the shots? no real tips but make sure you keep it above the recomended depth. i didnt and it cost me my videocamera. can i ask was it made specially for the camera or something bought generic from a video store? wink
Posted by: flip

Re: Surf Videography - 19/03/2005 10:20

I guess you could fit a wide angle... Yeh I don't plan to take it very far underwater, though it seems to be quite sturdy given the conditions I've already taken it into. I think it is something genereic, it is like a clear round tube that houses the camera inside.
Posted by: Thunderstruck

Re: Surf Videography - 19/03/2005 11:46

LOL Phil!

I'd like to do some surf videography actually, Ive seen how awesome the shots look and I could think of nothing better than to get some tubes from Knights etc on there, tho I'll prolly wend up with a broken neck if im not careful.

Upload that vid of u lol! should be amusing wink

TS cool
Posted by: thermalben

Re: Surf Videography - 19/03/2005 13:39

I can testify that it's bloody hard work! I have a Canon 3chip miniDV cam with a Dave Kelly water housing, and it's very difficult to line up the frame whilst bobbing around in the surf.

Some locations are easier than others - I'd suggest shooting from the channels of a mild reefbreak first (nothing too gnarly, you don't want to break your neck!), or possibly a pointbreak where you can sit in the one location and let the surfers come to you. Peaky beachbreaks are the hardest, as unless there's a well defined bank, you'll be hit with all kinds of waves from all directions. You'll also exert a lot more energy swimming and duckdiving, and as it's a pretty draining exercise, you certainly want to keep this to a minimum.
Posted by: flip

Re: Surf Videography - 19/03/2005 15:49

Hey thermalben, thanks for the reply, do you recommend using a board or just swimming out?
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Re: Surf Videography - 19/03/2005 18:45

Swim out - just get some fins to make yourself faster and a little more agile when those bomb sets are looming. A board will be more trouble than it's worth.. they're just another thing to get in the way IMO.