new surf forecasting page

Posted by: thermalben

new surf forecasting page - 07/05/2002 20:26

I've finally managed to get some time free and upload my \'long range surf forecasting\' page to the web. I have been doing a swell forecast every two days since last July (well, it has been archived since then anyway!), of which a few people on this db have been regular email recipients. It generally goes out about five days on our two most frequented coastlines, however occasionally there's a little more confidence going out to 8 or 9 days.

Hope you all like it! With time I might expand out of SA and into neighbouring states, depending on the demand. All feedback is welcome smile
Posted by: Thunderstruck

Re: new surf forecasting page - 08/05/2002 10:34

Pretty cool site there Ben! smile like ur forecasts - they sure do help me understand the waves a lot better - espec the mid which can play tricks from time to time. Nice northerly today may work some mid actiuon but barely above 2'. Middleton may be clean on this northerly but not that big.

TS cool
Posted by: Alex Zadnik

Re: new surf forecasting page - 09/05/2002 18:00

Hey Ben,
good work on the site, I'll be keeping an eye on it for any big swells down your way (can you get some local photos happening too?).
Speaking of big swells, Margret River reports were talking about swells pushing 20 ft on Wednesday! Looks like with the direction of that swell and another low moving towards WA, Indo should be going off for the next week straight!
A quick trip to G-land or Padang would be nice!
Posted by: thermalben

Re: new surf forecasting page - 09/05/2002 19:19

Thanks for the nice comments guys smile

Hey Alex, how's things? Haven't heard from you in a while...must be cracking the whip at TWC laugh

Wednesday's swell in Margarets was interesting; plenty of reports had surf size anywhere from 12-25ft (that's a pretty large scope, really). However a mate who happened to be in the area said it was grossly over-estimated and thought it to be more in the 10ft range. Either way they definitely copped it large; the buoy readings during the last few days averaged out around 6-7m at 13 secs! eek

That swell has also caused a bit of a buzz around Adelaide too; everyone thinks that we're automatically next in line (although on this occasion we are, albeit with a reduced swell size and more favourable winds than WA). Plenty of people scouring the coastline today for somewhere with no crowds!

Looking like plenty of swell over the next week or two in SA, as long as your beach faces in the right direction. I imagine Saturday will have some nice waves in the Bells area too; a secondary low seems to have formed off the current front Wed arvo, and had progged a small area of westerly winds around 30kts.....hmmm, will watch this closely over the next few days smile
Posted by: thermalben

Re: new surf forecasting page - 09/05/2002 19:35

Johnny Utah:
Indo should be going off for the next week straight!
No kidding! Quickscat had winds today near 42S, 82E from the SW above 50kts. Most impressive indeed. I've heard it's been quite good in Indo over the last week, and I think their season is shaping up very nicely at the moment.
Posted by: thermalben

Re: new surf forecasting page - 02/12/2002 12:37

Thought I'd just make mention that I have now expanded Swellnet into Victoria. It will be an interesting test run, as the verification tools I have for this area are a lot different to SA. The Vic forecasts are linked of the main page and can be found here .

I'll see how the Vic forecasts progress and if all goes well, I'll possibly move further into WA and NSW (if time permits).

Cheers, Ben