1770 WEATHER 10 -29 SEPTEMBER - 02/09/2009 18:45

Been watching this site for a while, but a first time user to you lot of Weather Boffins

There are many of us going up to 1770 between these dates does any-one have an idea of any weatther patterns or fronts comming up during this time

Cheers Mark
Posted by: Canberra's Weather

Re: 1770 WEATHER 10 -29 SEPTEMBER - 13/04/2010 22:50

Weather records were kept then??
Posted by: Seabreeze

Re: 1770 WEATHER 10 -29 SEPTEMBER - 14/04/2010 00:32

Lol @ CW! He means the Town of 1770 in QLD.

No-one could provide you an accurate forecast at this stage, but by looking at climatic records for the Town of 1770, you could get an idea of what kind of weather you might expect in September.
For example:
Posted by: RC

Re: 1770 WEATHER 10 -29 SEPTEMBER - 22/04/2010 11:20

September is historically the driest month of the year for that area...
Posted by: Fozzy

Re: 1770 WEATHER 10 -29 SEPTEMBER - 26/06/2010 02:38

[size:8pt]Hi Crew, I'm just a newbee but I live at 1770. The biggest influence is a "high in the bight". That usually gives us the so'easters that gives us the surf. We live in a confluence area, Kinda between the tropical & southern systems, thats why you hardly ever hear us mentioned on weather forecasts. In summer We seem mostly, to get an approaching high giving us Southerlys for about 3 days (surf)...then 1 or 2 day's of relative calm, as the high passes over the top of us (reef visits)...then a front..& it starts all over.Well, thats the southern weather patterns effect on us. When the monsoonal trough drops down here all weather effects of course come from the North. Does that help?
Posted by: Wet Wet Wet

Re: 1770 WEATHER 10 -29 SEPTEMBER - 26/06/2010 13:17

Originally Posted By: Freeze
No-one could provide you an accurate forecast at this stage, but by looking at climatic records for the Town of 1770, you could get an idea of what kind of weather you might expect in September.

I think if you guys look at the date the original question was posted, you will find "STRINGERBEAN" has already had his trip to 1770! shocked But hey, better late than never! smile

Posted by: Fozzy

Re: 1770 WEATHER 10 -29 SEPTEMBER - 26/06/2010 19:27

Well Go-o-oly sorry for posting! Like I said I am only new to this site & I thought I'd just put a little local info for people who came later. I thought the Aussie way was to give a bloke a fair go. Any one else...If you want some local weather info, you are welcome to ask me as I have lived here for 15 years and have another ten years before that in recorded weather info. I hope that this site is not full of knockers, cause sites like that are a dime a dozen. I thought this site might contain sensible people interested in the weather & the locals could pass on that info. If it is full of "this is my site" & "i'm cleverer that you" tossers I'm outta here...So what is it posters? By the way, I can track my heritage back to the first fleet..Not many can do that. Diferance is, I give people a fair go!
Posted by: teckert

Re: 1770 WEATHER 10 -29 SEPTEMBER - 26/06/2010 19:49

Fozzy, I dont think WWW was having a go at you. In fact cant see how you thought that?
He is just pointing out to everyone that the thread was actually from last year.
Posted by: Fozzy

Re: 1770 WEATHER 10 -29 SEPTEMBER - 26/06/2010 20:34

Hey like I said, I just left the info for others to read, just like I came across it. I, Just like you, & him am quite capable of seeing when it was posted. What I cant understand is why he felt he had to comment negitively, when he seen it was my first post. I am sure glad I am just trialing this site & hadnt paid any money, because if you cant see that it was a needless negative shot then I will not post again. It was just a thing I seen about my town. I am sure as the guy who first posted the question said, "He had been watching the site for a long time" & I am also sure it will not be the last time he visits here. Like I said to string....Sorry for posting.I was just giving info about my local weather thats all. See 'ya's
Posted by: teckert

Re: 1770 WEATHER 10 -29 SEPTEMBER - 26/06/2010 20:43

Dont apologise for posting! Your post was relevant & valuable info.
My point is that when I read WWW's post, I dont consider it to be a 'needless negative shot' at all. I think you are reading it the wrong way & shouldnt allow that to stop you from enjoying these forums & posting.
Its obvious the people posting above you DID NOT realise the date it was posted, and thats why WWW made the comment.
Posted by: Wet Wet Wet

Re: 1770 WEATHER 10 -29 SEPTEMBER - 26/06/2010 21:05

Yeah sorry Fozzy I wasn't having a go at you in any way. I seen this thread first pop up last year, and then again back in April. Then today as I was browsing the forums I saw it re appear once again. I was simply trying to point out that "Stringerbean's" question unfortunately wasn't answered by the time he set out on his holiday.

Anyway welcome to the forum Fozzy, we all hope you stay onboard. smile I've been to 1770 a number of times (as well as Pancake Ck and Bustard Heads to the north), and I must say it truely is a beautiful slice of paradise. smile
Posted by: Fozzy

Re: 1770 WEATHER 10 -29 SEPTEMBER - 27/06/2010 01:03

Ok...I bit, an I shouldnt ah. Sorry bout that Mr. Wet. I've just been on sites that have clique's & dont let others in. I grew up by the sea & always loved weather, so I was chuffed to find this site & weather dudes as well!! All is cool. Been to the Mack...Love your yacht club (I might have fallen off the bar once or twice) & Marina area.
Posted by: Fozzy

Re: 1770 WEATHER 10 -29 SEPTEMBER - 28/06/2010 09:47

Hi crew, Agnes Water/1770: 17Deg, 46%hum, 1018hpa rising, Wind 4.5 km/h, Rain 1mm. Fine & sunny.
Boy! if it was'nt for the time of year, & all the cold air about, I would have thought that system to the NE of OZ was a forming Cyclone. when I was looking at the animation last night, for one frame I thought I seen an eye. It is starting to look a bit scrappy now though. Have'nt checked the surf yet...might be a small wave though. Have a good day all. Im off into the local coastal bush dunes on a photo mission today. If I'm lucky something might just happen in my lense!
Posted by: Fozzy

Re: 1770 WEATHER 10 -29 SEPTEMBER - 29/06/2010 07:42

Hi every one, Agnes Water/1770: 7;22am,12 Deg, 74% dewey, 1017hpa steady (trending down), Wind nil last off the E. Nil rain. Fine & sunny for now. Surf; So flat that if you had styrofoam shoes you could walk to the reef. Water : so clear politics couldnt live in it. Might end up with a bit o jet stream cloud later, but it would be one of those gem days out the reef. If ever you are going to go out look for these sorts of systems...Nice high on the coast line...Higher the latitude the better. If I wasnt doing other stuff today I'd jump on the ferry to lady Musgrave & go snorkeling. Have a good day everyone...Hope you get the weather you want/need. If you see a grasstree in flower stop & give it a lick. The nectar is so sweet & it gives you the power of twenty atom bombs for a period of 20 seconds.
Posted by: Fozzy

Re: 1770 WEATHER 10 -29 SEPTEMBER - 30/06/2010 09:06

Hi everyone, Aw/1770: 8:48am. 17deg. 83% 1018 steady. wind nil, last off the NNW. Rain Nil. Surf...(Sigh). Fine & sunny at present. Was a bit cloudy early. We live in a weather vacuum here'cause our closest official station is Gladstone 70Km's away, so therefore the weather is nothing like here.South is Bundaberg & it's the same. Hervey Bay is probably closer to our weather but even then it's a bit doggey. Just found I cant use my laptop to log into the forum. When I went to "Edit my profile" on my desk top It has a password that seems to have more letters than I submited. I write all that stuff down as I enter it when I sign up to anything. It also say's my user name does not exist. I asked for a temp password but that never helped. Anyone know why?
Posted by: Fozzy

Re: 1770 WEATHER 10 -29 SEPTEMBER - 30/06/2010 18:42

Hi everybody, An arvo report from 1770. It was downright hot today. I dont know the official temp but it would have had to have been at least 24/5c. Still no surf, but the boys went over to Middle creek this morning & got a shoulder high surf, which is good for the conditions. Now it's 16.6c. 75% rh. 1020hpa steady. Wind is nil. Gee that system is still coming back on cape york and looks a bit cyclonyish (New weather word for "not cyclone"). Spent the whole day taking photos of backpackers learning to surf and selling them (I cant believe I get paid to do this). Anyway have a good evening & i'm glad to see the Vic's & the South Aussies get a good rain event. I hope everyone's tanks & dams are full.
Posted by: Fozzy

Re: 1770 WEATHER 10 -29 SEPTEMBER - 01/07/2010 00:56

Hi everyone. Up late so I may as well put this months rain figures for AW/1770...in case anybody is interested that is: Total = 17.5 mm over 7 days. Total so far since January = 938 mm. driest month this year to date.
Posted by: Fozzy

Re: 1770 WEATHER 10 -29 SEPTEMBER - 01/07/2010 20:24

Hi everyone, Mostly cloudy, nil rain though. 1024hpa trending up. No wind, last off the SE. 19c & 73%. Surf....I dont want to talk about it. Plenty of people here on holidays with most of them camping rather than staying in resorts, so the weather is good for them. It is nice to see people getting back to tents & closer to nature. I might have a go at posting a picture of the surf out the reef. I'm not good at this & it is the first time I've done it on this site.....we'll see what happens.
Posted by: Fozzy

Re: 1770 WEATHER 10 -29 SEPTEMBER - 02/07/2010 13:36

Hi Weather people, Just got back home after spending all morning looking for the weatherman from one of those early morning TV show thingys. We wanted to ask him why he did cooking tips etc instead of weather during his segment. He must have found out & never turned up! Boy! my Barometre graph looks like a corrogated road, it's been up & down so much! It's 1022hpa & rising. 19.7c. RH is 63% & it's just started to rain!! Me no comprehendo...nothing unusual there though. The good thing, is that it's weather & I just love it when it does it's own thing...
I might just go out again & have one more look for that pesky weather guy...
Posted by: Fozzy

Re: 1770 WEATHER 10 -29 SEPTEMBER - 03/07/2010 10:47

Hi crew, 10:40 am & only 16.5c. Woo! A man will have to start wearing socks with his thongs! 4mm in the guage last night. Still 7/8 cloudy. 59%RH. wind 11 km/h off the SW but it would be gusting much higher specialy down the beach. A bit of a wave but we need more of the wind off the SE to kick up anything decent. 1023hpa rising.
Posted by: Fozzy

Re: 1770 WEATHER 10 -29 SEPTEMBER - 05/07/2010 19:55

Hi there weather tragics! Didnt do my weather obs yesterday, A small surf popped up & combine that with a bit of a thing for La tour, I slept heaps. Gee it was hot today! I seen 24.8c on my portable wind/temp thingy, but it got hotter than that. At present(19:40) it is 16.9c & 70%. The RH 1022hpa & steady with the wind off the S. at 4km/h. The sky is clear.
I cant believe I got a snake call out today as well. Just a little tree snake outside a place, having a sun bake. Didnt need to do anything but teach the home owner that you dont need to kill them but rather learn to live with them. At least we dont have the mouse plague that central QLD has 'cause they killed them all!
One thing I like about watching the tour is watching the weather in France & surrounding countries...But that is another story! Hope you get the weather you want & remember "You gotta get hot, to be real cool"
Posted by: Fozzy

Re: 1770 WEATHER 10 -29 SEPTEMBER - 06/07/2010 12:12

Greetings weather people. Even though the radar is not showing it we have about 5/8 cloud cover & it looks as if showers are imminent, as there are some very darkies hanging around. At noon it is 25c. 39% RH. & the glass is showing 1019 hpa steady. The wind is 3 km/h ENE. I know that doesn't sound like rain, but what I see is what I see. What I do see is...No surf...again...Well when I say no surf, you can get a small long-board wave on a few breaks along the main beach at half tide. That's the good thing about here. It is easily the most consistent place for waves in Q, even if they are small. I hope the rain holds off though, because I have to take some German backpackers on a Wildlife walk tomarrow.
Posted by: Fozzy

Re: 1770 WEATHER 10 -29 SEPTEMBER - 08/07/2010 16:46

Why hi Crew, Woo! is it chilly! It only got to 17c today. I didnt even think my instruments had those numbers! The sea has been flat as a pancake. If you put a spirit level on the ocean the bubble would'nt move. Good for the reef though. Don, the skipper of one of the dive boats said conditions have been great for diving. He seen 50 whale's out there yesterdady. All tail dancing. The surf school has been getting a small learners wave and yesterday when I was on Agnes point taking weather photos, that I dont know how to post, I seen a few little waves on Workmans beach. I was in the coasal dunes with some German Backpackers nearly all day. The weather never socked in till last night. 6mm in the guage this morning. Currently 14.3c, 83%Rh. 1016hpa rising. wind nill last off the NNE