What makes set waves???

Posted by: pingtang

What makes set waves??? - 11/12/2001 22:17

I have been wondering lately,why set waves occur.Sometimes a set has 3 waves while others will have 8 or more waves.And then there are lulls which can last for up to 5 minutes or more on some days.

So why do set waves occur?

Is it because,the winds intensity inside the low changes quite often.

Does anyone have an idea about this?

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Posted by: Craig Arthur

Re: What makes set waves??? - 12/12/2001 06:01

Sets are the result of the waves being made up of a series of different frequency waves. This is the phenomenon of 'beating'. With two wave trains of a close (but not identical) frequency, they combine and we get a high frequency wave (the ones you would surf) and a much lower frequency wave which affects the amplitude (size) of the shorter frequency wave. I'll write out the maths behind this (it is quite simple, I promise!) and throw a diagram up to explain this tonight.
Probably a bit confusing, but once you see the diagram, it makes more sense. smile
Posted by: pingtang

Re: What makes set waves??? - 12/12/2001 12:16

Thanks for that.