Tsunami Alert for Christmas & Cocos Is

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Tsunami Alert for Christmas & Cocos Is - 13/09/2007 11:10

After the earlier alert was cancelled, a subsequent earth quake off the Indonesian coast has lead to a new alert being issued.

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Re: Tsunami Alert for Christmas & Cocos Is - 14/10/2009 03:02

The bureau issued two alerts last night and this morning following earthquakes on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

The first saw a 15 centimetre wave on the Cocos Islands while little activity was recorded on the West Australian coastline.

Duty forecaster Cameron Lathleen says the second was lifted earlier this morning, but the bureau will continue to monitor seismic activity.

"Certainly if any further earthquakes were to occur of a significant nature that a further tsunami threat could be possible but at this stage we don't have any further tsunami threat in relation to the last earthquake," he said.

The Bureau of Meteorology in Western Australia is monitoring conditions on Cocos and Christmas Islands where a tsunami warning is in place.

The alert has been triggered by a second major earthquake off the coast of southern Sumatra in Indonesia.

The quake measured 7.6 on the Richter Scale.

The bureau is warning that beaches, harbours and low-lying areas at Cocos and Christmas Islands could be affected by rising water and residents are being urged to find a safe area they can move to if necessary.

The Chief Executive of the Cocos Shire, Michael Simms, says the islands are surrounded by deep water which prevents tsunamis from developing into a giant wave.

"We don't experience any real effect from tsunami," he said.

"The Aceh tsunami went past us a couple of years ago and devastated parts of the east coast of Africa."

Christmas Island resident Russell Payne says there has been no impact from the Tsunami so far and he's not expecting any.

"It's a strange little conundrum if you like that we get tsunami warnings. The tsunami actually passes through here but because of our geography, it's impossible for them to do do any real damage here because we don't have a continental shelf for the waves to form up and become large and destructive," he said.

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