Ocean Vortex (off Rottnest W.A. ) any Images?

Posted by: Fine Elsewhere

Ocean Vortex (off Rottnest W.A. ) any Images? - 05/06/2006 14:41

Hi All, have just read in West Aust newspaper that there is a huge 200kms dia vortex dragging fish lavae & big enough to notice drag on a 70 m boat, also effecting climate over the vortex, yet this is not noticable on present CSRIO water temps imagining ????
can anyone show me where there are any water temp images that reflect the size & extent of this vortex????
See article in CSRIO marine section for more ...
can anyone help please?
:wave: FE
Posted by: Tim S

Re: Ocean Vortex (off Rottnest W.A. ) any Images? - 05/06/2006 16:34

Goodaye FE :cheers:

I saw this article too and yes it does look very interesting, though I don't really know what all the fuss is about, they have known about this little eddy for ages. I remember about 10 years ago learning about it in Geography!

I think maybe the reason it has come to the medias attention is the rather late and unusal pattern the Leeuwin current is taking this year due to the relatively cool Western Indian ocean temps over most of the Summer and Autumn. It has only recently started to 'warm' up.

A great site is the Point and click sea temps
though this is only short term data (6 day average) the eddy does show up as an area of slightly warmer water just to the east of Perth.

Some better images here note that the first pic was taken in 94' smile
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Re: Ocean Vortex (off Rottnest W.A. ) any Images? - 05/06/2006 22:33

Hey Tim S u r a star, i'm very impressed at that site where u pin point mouse and get lat/long + temp, very, very good. i wonder how quickly temp drops per cm from surface downwards???
talking of warm water & Leeuwin current, last nite my daughter caught a puffer fish (not a blowie) last time i saw one of these was at Carnarvon about 10 years ago!!!!
:cheers: Tim + thanku, :wave:FE
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Re: Ocean Vortex (off Rottnest W.A. ) any Images? - 06/06/2006 10:58

lol, no worries FE, good to know I can help out smile

Well you would never see someone so excited about catching a blowie! :p so how are puffer fish different to blowies? On the matter of fish, what was the salmon run like this year? that usaully happens around April/May doesnt it?

I remember reading somewhere that the leeuwin current is quite deep that is the warmer water extends quite a way underwater, something like 200 meters or so. The leeuwin current is a really interesting phenomen, I was really interesting in at uni though unfortunatly I have forgotten most of it! though I will look around for my text books and see what I can find out.

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Re: Ocean Vortex (off Rottnest W.A. ) any Images? - 07/06/2006 02:24

Hi Tim S, its my feeling that recent years changes to behavior of leeuwin current is having a huge effect on all ocean life in our part of the world.
for example the puffer (imo blowies are all "ball" type fish when they blow up, from football to tennis ball size) the puffer is more like a big headed but more normal fish looking creature which still puffs up but not to ball shape if u see what i mean. the puffer is imo a north west fish (often have a thick blue/silver lateral line) not a cold water fish!
No salmon season was shocking, herring almost non existant = main salmon season used to be Jan to April, this year there r more about now than have been nearly all year. BTW today i got my bag limit of the biggest King George whiting i have ever seen, let alone ever caught before - truely have to cut fillets into 3 bits to fit in frying pan - absolute monsters - have been running for the last 2 weeks.
back to the vortex, imo if these things are going to become more common i recon they are pulling whole ocean food chain away from the shallows where lots of these creatures actually breed...thats what worries me - we are loosing common breeds of fish that are not commercially fished & i recon it must be changes in the ocean food chain....big vortex may add to this problem, i recon land water run off into fish nurseries is also a big factor - ie algae blooms etc - never used to happen & damned things are in rivers, estuaries & ocean!!!
:wave: FE
Posted by: Tim S

Re: Ocean Vortex (off Rottnest W.A. ) any Images? - 07/06/2006 12:16

Well good to hear the Salmon and King George Whiting are going well down there, though it is late, I mean its supposed be June. I would imagine they would usaully be migrating to deeper water this time of year to stop themselves getting smashed in the massive swell that is usaully kicked up by monster Lows and Cold fronts? What has the sweel been like down there? I know up here its been fairly low for this time of year which is to be expected given the pressure patterns!

Interesting what you are saying about the common species dying out, must have something to do with what you said, though there are a lot more people like yourself filling their frypan with them too! smile though I imagine the recreational fisher down there wouldnt take that many at all, it is probably more the Perthites going down there for a holiday and fishing till they drop! smile Algae blooms are big problems, didnt really know they affected your area, we never hear much about the country areas up here in the big smoke.

The leeuwin current must have something to do with all this, just how its related has got me stumped, though I imagine the weather patterns, ie. high pressure after high pressure, that we are experiencing at the moment would play a part in the unusaul flow and consequent unusaul species of fish poping up in your ocean.
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Re: Ocean Vortex (off Rottnest W.A. ) any Images? - 07/06/2006 21:33

i found some more info on the leeuwin Current here http://www.marine.csiro.au/LeafletsFolder/44leuwin/44.html you can also find an upto date map of all the current directions and speed here http://www.marine.csiro.au/remotesensing/oceancurrents/SW/latest.html

i dont know how good these liks will be but they r quite interesting and if you look around the site some more you might also come across more of what you are looking for.

:cheers: Sean
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Re: Ocean Vortex (off Rottnest W.A. ) any Images? - 07/06/2006 22:55

Looking at those links, this vortex may well be effecting our weather by lowering the amount of warm water entering the bight. Hope it goes away!
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Re: Ocean Vortex (off Rottnest W.A. ) any Images? - 08/06/2006 15:16

Great links Percy! good find. smile

Interesting to see the position of the eddy at different times of the year. Looks as though the eddy is pretty much were it is now in Feb-March and about 200km further west in September. Will be interesting to see how this eddy behaves in the next few months, wether it will follow a 'normal' pattern or do something unusual.

I havent even heard of the 'capes current' before, you do learn something everyday! smile