Swell in Sydney this weekend

Posted by: gustfront

Swell in Sydney this weekend - 07/12/2001 08:24

Now the water has warmed up it's time to get back into surfing again. The swell is pretty small at the moment but a low looks like forming off the coast and this should bring a reasonable swell to Sydney beaches this weekend.

Any surf 'gurus' that might have some insight on the potential quality of this next swell? temp trace or johnny utah?
Posted by: Alex Zadnik

Re: Swell in Sydney this weekend - 07/12/2001 10:16

The low in the Tasman isn't looking like it will develop much. May produce 4ft swell if we're lucky. Although the easterly wind directions on the weekend don't hold much hope for a decent wave. WA seems like the only place with an offshore, there might be something down there in the southern ocean producing some swell for Margrets?
Crashed is more intersted in the infeed of moisture provided by the low. I am thinking Sydney swells are few and far between. Might be time to take up more land based activities!
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Re: Swell in Sydney this weekend - 07/12/2001 13:02

Hello TWC Meteorologists and Sydney siders,

Is Ulladulla a great spot for surfing? Where are the best spots to go?? I will be in NSW in 3 weeks especially round the south coast.

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Posted by: Alex Zadnik

Re: Swell in Sydney this weekend - 07/12/2001 13:53

4 Seasons, I am new to the Sydney region (relocated from Melbourne), but all reports are that Ulladulla is an excellent surfing area, with many good reefbreaks. I don't know the location of any surf spots there, but I'm sure if you hunt around you'll have no trouble finding good waves. If you would like extended surf reports while there, I can help you out!
See ya.
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Re: Swell in Sydney this weekend - 07/12/2001 14:04

Hey Johnny,

No Probs, thanks for the info, really appreciate it smile

Cheers :cheers:
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Posted by: temp trace

Re: Swell in Sydney this weekend - 07/12/2001 14:38

Could be a good weekend for the Point Breaks ay johnny smile

Was going for a reasonable sized swell earlier in the week but as you said don't think we'll see to much from the change - to much S in it.

But more interesting is the ENE swell we've had for the past day or two. Been keeping an eye on its progress using quickscat and ship obs and its come from a loooong way out, some solid 1.5/1.8m seta around yesterday arvo, a little smaller today, but still some of the best surf I've had/seen in the past 6 months. So if you've not been in the water today ya missed it laugh

G'day 4S Ulladulla = God's country smile
Posted by: Adiabatic

Re: Swell in Sydney this weekend - 07/12/2001 14:50

Can't it do that in 3 weeks time mad

Growing up in a big family I have been restricted in going on holidays and I am looking forward to going to NSW for the first time, hopefully get time to stop off in Sydney aswell.

But it sounds like the swell is very good around the coastal regions. Hopefully it can keep that up!!!

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Posted by: pingtang

Re: Swell in Sydney this weekend - 07/12/2001 23:55

Hello 4 seasons.

Yes,Ulladulla is a good spot for surfing.I usually go down to Ulladulla every weekend to go surfing(only when its head high or over).Usually I leave Nowra at about 4AM in Winter,and 3AM in summer to go surfing.

There is a variety of quality reef-breaks to choose from.The Golf Course reef is the most popular spot.It's a left-hander which breaks for about 100 metres.It can hold up to 4 metres.It has an excellent steep wall,with the odd barrel.Another spot worth cheking is dolphin point.This is a shorter but more heavy wave,which can turn on some nice barrels.If you want more info on how to get to these spots,then just let me know.
Posted by: Mark Hardy

Re: Swell in Sydney this weekend - 08/12/2001 00:30

I had a nice surf at Bendalong last weekend. Beautiful spot.
Posted by: Alex Zadnik

Re: Swell in Sydney this weekend - 08/12/2001 09:19

Hey Temp Trace, made it down to Mauroubra just in time for the southerly change to come through, it was about 4ft on the sets, so I wasn't too worried I missed it... Looked like it would have been fun though.....A mate surfed just south of Port Mac and reported some really fun waves.
I'm waiting for another big swell like we had three weeks ago with that east coast low. Just need an offshore next time!
I see your from Newcastle, I went up there last July and surfed 1st Pipe on the bodyboard..... very good wave. I was impressed with all the waves there really! Missed the Harbour by a day though!
Posted by: temp trace

Re: Swell in Sydney this weekend - 09/12/2001 10:54

Johnny - wouldn't you love a dollar for everytime you pull up in the carpark just as the change hits or the sea breeze kicks in.

Newcastle has some really good spots if you know where to look, but what is it lately that we can never seem to string more than 1 maybe 2 days of good surf together?

If you get a chance take a trip to Seal Rocks and the surrounding area it really is worth it - No1 at seals,on its day, is one of the best mal waves on the east coast.

Anyone know where I can get hold of some SST figures, got some figures off one the local life guards (they measure them daily) but they only go back 5 years - just having a look at offshore wind frequence in El Nino/La Nina years - and before you ask.... yes I have got a life (just not a very good one smile )

Forgot to mention Point Break/Johnny Utah
laugh classic movie

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Re: Swell in Sydney this weekend - 09/12/2001 23:58

Hey thanks very much ping-tang, you have saved me hours of trying to find what are the best spots around there, even though we are staying in Batemans Bay, Me and my cousins will be surfing through Ulladulla.

I am really looking forward to the trip!!!!

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Posted by: Macca-wx

Re: Swell in Sydney this weekend - 11/12/2001 23:49

Fellow surfers,

Well - actually - probably not. That's what this post is about from me. I read an article in a surfing magazine about 3 years ago about a businessman who had been stuck in an office for 15 years and hadn't been surfing for that long but one day went and had an awesome (but rusty) session at his local like he used to when he was young. He realised then that he'd missed 15 years of one of the pleasures of life - surfing.

Unfortunately, I seem to have fallen into this corporate trap as well. I haven't touched the surf for nearly 2 years. My wetsuit has a busted zip and I have been meaning to get it fixed ever since it happened 2 years ago but alas haven't had the time, etc.

Tomorrow I'm taking my wetsuit to the surfshop to get it fixed and I endeavor to surf before Christmas! I have a lot of time on my hands at the moment due to no work committments whatsoever so I think I should make the most of this time. Who knows - I might even see some of you guys out in the water.

Mark - I've heard Bendalong is a great place - hope you enjoyed it.


Posted by: Blizzard

Re: Swell in Sydney this weekend - 15/12/2001 11:35

Hi 4S and others.

I can say that Golf Course reef is a really nice place to surf. We had a van down there for many years. I've surfed it many times (body boarded) from 1.5 to 3 metres and it can go off! I have some great pics of it in the 2 metre range - just beautiful waves that day, sunny, offshore - just about perfect really. It's usually not a really hollow wave although when its real big it can be and you can also get nice barrels on the inside but stay clear of death rock. Once it gets to two metres plus the wall is soooo long, its amazing. Nice easy paddle out too, on bigger days. smile

Another reef just to the south of there (Burrill Pines area) is very good in the 1 to 2.5 metre range but it doesn't like much wind at all. I can give that one to you privately as its off the track a ways and semi-private. It can get nicely hollow on the inside with sand over the smooth reef - wipeouts don't hurt that much - and big left hand walls further out. Can be sharky though, I've seen one there on a grey winter's day myself frown

Sheez, I'm missing the coast already frown

Posted by: Macca-wx

Re: Swell in Sydney this weekend - 15/12/2001 15:49

I'd love to see your pics of GOlf Course Reef Lindsay if you have them scanned.

I have a few pics of some of the spots on the surf coast here in Vic which I'll scan and put up this week sometime.

Posted by: pingtang

Re: Swell in Sydney this weekend - 15/12/2001 17:57

I got some great pics with a disposable underwater camera the other day.

Ive got pics,at the Golf Course Reef,Dolphin point,Aussie pipe,Redsands.I also went out during that 5Metre July swell,and surfed the Boneyard and Redsands.There were some triple over-head clean up sets at the Boneyard,but that wasnt a worry.

I have to say,that the Golf Course reef is a really good wave.The biggest ive probrably surfed it is about 3-4 metres.Really long walls,but not hollow enough.Redsands,around Wollongong is where you get the hollow stuff,and it is very photogenic there.Ive been there where the wave was 3 metres high by 3 metres wide,and breaking in about a foot or less of water.One guy broke his coller-bone while I was out there that day.
Posted by: temp trace

Re: Swell in Sydney this weekend - 15/12/2001 19:16

Macca - been in the water yet?

I was only down the beach this morning, the surf was cross shore and slop but it was so nice to have a hour or two away from all the other distractions.
Let us know how you get on.

Fellows can't wait to see all the picks! I've got some of Dixon park in the july swell I'll have to dig them out.
Posted by: TrenthamStormchasers

Re: Swell in Sydney this weekend - 15/12/2001 19:38


if you are spending time down the south coast, have a look at
http://www.mum.com.au/ for all the local stuff.

If you are into fishing as well, the jetty in Ulladulla used to throw a mean bream, north Rosedale on the rocks near the cave was good & the island at Guerilla Bay (you need to get across on a lowering tide & fish for a few hours or you'll sit there for 12 hours depending on high tide times). The jetty at Bateman's Bay has lurking sharks of reasonable size, so don't set your rod up in a hole on the wharf & wander off or you may watch your kit sailing out to sea.....

I envy you - spent a few days down there in November (before TDU) ...... Pambula is also stunning where the river meets the ocean.

Posted by: Blizzard

Re: Swell in Sydney this weekend - 16/12/2001 09:55

Hi Macca,

I've made a note in the diary to go and find those Golf Course reef pics.

I haven't got a scanner but could possibly photocopy them in our office to send on to you. Only B&W copier though so not sure about quality. Got some goodies of Aussie Pipe too, mean barrels there. One pic I was standing right on the reef and have the camera pointing into the barrel as the guy got creamed.

Just found them. Face size of the golf course wave is around 8 feet plus on this day as there is a guy being dwarfed by it in the trough. Photocopied them but very average quality - good enough to see the wave size though.

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Re: Swell in Sydney this weekend - 16/12/2001 15:18


Thankyou very much for that, sensational stuff! Looking forward to the thunderstorms tht hopefully develop and just looking forward to surfing and relaxing, forgetting about all the years work I have had to contend with.

Everyone your all a bunch of legends for giving me info and links, appreciate it very much.

Cheers :cheers:
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Posted by: Thunderstruck

Re: Swell in Sydney this weekend - 20/12/2001 13:01

I love the waves never get me off of them. Im ok at surfing but i prefer bodyboarding. my fav beaches would be 3-poles near Southport which has a nice right hander breaking over a shallow rocky exposed shelf/reef 150m from the shore. Beach breaks are good too and ive always headed to victor Harbour down near Goolwa, Middleton. Bullies, Chicken Run. I used to go to Horseshoe Bay when i was younger and still do sometimes. Thats the best beach in Aus. Waves like Bondi but no currents.

Never been to NSW beaches but Narabeen is supposed to be good. Bronte looks pretty good aswell. Have to try em out one day.

After Xmas im off to Victor for 2 weeks so ill have a ball!

Lennie cool
Posted by: Adiabatic

Re: Swell in Sydney this weekend - 21/12/2001 14:11

Sounds wonderful Lennie, Yeah I prefer bodyboarding compared to surfing. My favourite spots are express and Kitty Miller on Phillip Island. They rock, best surf is on a light easterly wind.

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Posted by: Alex Zadnik

Re: Swell in Sydney this weekend - 21/12/2001 14:29

Hey 4 seasons, no doubt Express is one of the top bodyboarding/surfing spots on Phillip Island. Best winds there however are generally NW. Right Point in Cat Bay is the place to go in a east to southeasterly, while Woolies has pretty good waves in an easterly through to the northeast.
As good as Phillip Island is, I'm not a fan of the crowds down there, Mornington Peninsula is my favourite. It's rarely great, but you can have world class beach breaks to yourself, which is more of a rarity on Phillip Island and the west coast. For real waves head down past Cape Otway............
Posted by: Adiabatic

Re: Swell in Sydney this weekend - 21/12/2001 15:03

Sorry, I did not explain the wind direction right for Express shocked Thanks Johnny.

Look with the crowds all you have to do is bring an old stocking, put a cricket ball in it and swing it round and round until you have a space to yourself, works everytime, have fun!!!

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