Recent King Tide question

Posted by: DamianTheOmen

Recent King Tide question - 01/02/2009 20:01

On Monday the 12th of jan 2009 we had a 2m king tide,
a number of years ago I sat as a youngster on a beach in port phillip bay melbourne waiting for the cool change and accompaying SW winds so that I could surf. It was hot and there was no sign of the change coming but suddlenly swell popped up out of no where and there was small 1.5-2ft waves breaking for a 30min period - perfectly with an "offshore" wind, not the normal SW wind.

My question is this - when there is a substantial difference between high and low tide ie- king tide would this produce the waves that I surfed that day and how would one be able to predict this

I would really appreciate some imput on this as I struggle to get down the coast now with kids and work commitments but can sneak out for a quick baywave without much drama

cheers in advance

Posted by: ozthunder

Re: Recent King Tide question - 09/02/2009 21:25

My best guess is that a SW wind was blowing at the other end of the bay.

If wind waves are running against the tidal direction the resistance will make them higher.

I once surfed a local beach here in Shellharbour, it was a lovely 3ft and offshore, and just like you experienced it jumped, in my case to a consistent 4-5ft set after set. 30 mins later a howling SE change came through.

I also surfed a beach at Yamba back in 1970 something and the surf over 3 hours jumped from 4-5ft to 6-8ft then finally to big, but the culprit was an intense ECL spinning up offshore, still I'm 52 and have not seen surf build so quick since.
Posted by: SBT

Re: Recent King Tide question - 02/09/2009 22:34

From out of the depths of my old surfing memories of 30 years ago we used to say that 40 minutes either side of a major tide change can have the same effect. Up here where we only get surf in a cat 2 or higher cyclone you can still see the change when out fishing on the reef.