Sunday - did anyone?

Posted by: temp trace

Sunday - did anyone? - 05/12/2005 12:55

Did anyone get time to check the charts across the weekend?
Just trying to find out where that SE/ESE swell came from on Sunday. Near flat for the early but by 9am 2ft/3ft with even the occasional bigger set to 4ft at times breaking on the outside banks. Seemed to be fairly localized from what I can gather after a quick check of a few reports this morning for yesterday, Sydney around the 1ft mark, Mick on the central coast was calling it 2ft/3ft with the odd bigger one.

Had a quick glance at the quickscat late last night but nothing unexpected there. Might have a dig around tonight to see what I can turn up.

Shot the Novo kneelo comp yesterday at Redhead, the boys were going off with lots of tube time put in!

Just a few pics;

Posted by: TOM1111

Re: Sunday - did anyone? - 05/12/2005 17:03

i checked the mona vale cam in sydney and seemed to over 3ft sunday arvo so they got it aswell and it showed on the buoy.