Suggestion ... Full screen Radar

Posted by: opplevelse

Suggestion ... Full screen Radar - 30/08/2010 23:23

It would be awesome if you could enlarge the radars to full screen. Any chance of making this happen
Posted by: core puncher

Re: Suggestion ... Full screen Radar - 31/08/2010 08:31

it would be a handy option, i tend to click on the page (somewhere not linked elsewhere) and zoom in to fill the page to the area of interest with Ctrl + - but to be able to click it to full without side banners etc would be sweet :o)
Posted by: opplevelse

Re: Suggestion ... Full screen Radar - 31/08/2010 10:13

I was thinking it would be good to have on one screen while you work on the other. It shouldn't be that hard to do but would make for another great differentiator from the BoM pages
Posted by: !SCHUMMY!

Re: Suggestion ... Full screen Radar - 31/08/2010 15:38

this is a great suggestion but i imagine its not as easy as it sounds to implement on WZ. i study a bit about html/java/actionscript etc. i would imagine that when the radar is on full screen that the resolution will be high and not pixelated. its easy enough to make a full screen radar at reduced resolution because your just enlarging the current radar (which is possible through most computers anyway). i am in full support of this feature being added after the new ACCESS models/meteograms are up and running in a few months
Posted by: Mark Hardy

Re: Suggestion ... Full screen Radar - 31/08/2010 22:42

Actually, this has been built and is running in the office. There are several other factors to consider before rolling out to the site and these will be addressed over the next few months. These include speed, bandwidth, server loads in big events not to mention time the time to build it out across all radars across the country. But some kind of full screen radar is expected to be rolled into the next weatherzone silver update (no release date yet).
Posted by: !SCHUMMY!

Re: Suggestion ... Full screen Radar - 31/08/2010 22:50

wow thats great news!! you guys are really doing well with WZ and the forums, always one step ahead smile i look forward to future updates
Posted by: opplevelse

Re: Suggestion ... Full screen Radar - 31/08/2010 23:55

Any chance it could be a client side thing? That would save your server load.
Posted by: Mark Hardy

Re: Suggestion ... Full screen Radar - 01/09/2010 19:13

Not really an option given how far we are down the track and where we want to go with it.
Posted by: Andy Double U

Re: Suggestion ... Full screen Radar - 02/09/2010 07:52

I assume full screen images would hammer the servers/bandwidth? So even if it was client side, someone's server would be getting hammered due to clients sourcing the images from somewhere!

For what its worth, of already got full screen WZ radar on my HTC HD2 wink Not much room in the ute for a laptop when chasing!
Posted by: ROM

Re: Suggestion ... Full screen Radar - 04/09/2010 16:23

A suggested variation to the state based Radar and Satellite maps.

The following suggestion would be an addition to the current maps.
Continue with all of the present state and Australian map set ups.

Include another set of Radar and Satellite infra-red maps that cover say the whole of the South East of Australia, including all of NSW, Vic, Tasmania [ which has really localised small scale maps and seems somewhat left out ] and at least half to two thirds of South Australia.
Some of this area already comes under the NSW maps as they include all of Victoria and a bit of eastern SA.
Need to go much further west across SA in the NSW map to give a good idea of an evolving system before it arrives in the SE.

SE Australian maps would allow a somewhat more detailed over view of the southern weather systems evolving on a bigger scale but would not reduce the details as much which seems to be the case with the full cover Australian version of the radar and satellite maps.

The Victorian and Tasmanian maps in particular are so small in scale as to lose that overall view of any evolving system.

It might even be worth considering to divide the additional Australia Radar and Satellite infrared maps up into the areas affected by the main weather system types as tropical system evolvement from the NW and the NE are both different to one another and very different to the evolvement of the SW and the SE systems.
WA north and south are already divided largely along those lines.